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Innovation at Kraft

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According to Kraft, 99% of all American households have at least one of its products which range from Philadelphia cream cheese, DiGiorno Pizza, and Kool-Aid just to name a few. Within the past year, Kraft has introduced many products including Bagel-fuls and Oreo Cakesters. Now with the struggling economy, the company is poised to generate more than $40 billion in profit still. USA Today's David Lieberman recently interviewed Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld in which she shared her thoughts about innovation in her company, leadership, and the economy.

When Irene Rosenfeld was asked what her crystal ball tells her about the New Year taking into consideration the recession, she replied 'The great news is that as the economy has softened around the world, we're seeing people eating more at home. And as they come home, they're coming home to Kraft. So we are battening down our hatches and preparing to continue to compete in a difficult environment.'

Read the rest of the interview here where she goes into more depth about innovation practices at Kraft.

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