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Innovation Through Internal Promotion

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Our colleagues over at Innovating to Win recently posted on the idea that employees throughout an organization can not contribute their best ideas if they do not believe in the company mission, opportunity, and the team. Employees from designers, to executives, to IT personnel must all realize that innovation efforts have a meaningful impact on the company. The post goes on to discuss these forms or pillars of internal promotion. Selling Up: Building strong innovation capability requires significant on-going investment, so make sure that metrics are in place to measure the return on innovation investment and make sure that these metrics have strong visibility the with c-level executive board. Selling Outward: Getting feedback on innovation efforts is just as important as making corporate goals visible. Share information throughout the innovation community so that employees can see the value of their work and feel inspired. Make it Personal: Give recognition to teams that have made special innovation contributions. This shows employees that the company values innovation practices.

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