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Innovations in the online search industry

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The Silicon Valley Mercury News has broken down the recent innovations taking place in the search engine industry. With Bing and Microsoft gaining ground slightly on Google, Google could soon face their first real challenge as the search leader. Search is now an important function of people's use of the internet, and is currently the #2 activity for users, behind using email. New innovations in the industry include Microsoft announcing that Twitter updates will be available in real time with their searches and Google followed up with improving their music searching functions, allowing users to go straight to the songs. Read the full article here.

From the stance of a internet user, I think that the Microsoft/Google/Yahoo challenge is great. We, as surfers of the internet, have the chance to benefit from this healthy competition. We can utilize search capabilities to improve our performances and gain the knowledge that we need to know faster. What do you think will be the next big turn in search innovation?

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