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Is Bitcoin a truly global transformation or another failure?

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Ric Edelman is the founder of RIA Digital Assets Council and a recognized thought leader in the RIA industry. Below he contends with one of the biggest questions in the back of investors minds for years: is Bitcoin truly a revolutionary product or a failed grand scheme?

At first glance, Bitcoin looks like any other pump-and-dump scheme. But a deeper examination reveals a revolutionary technology, one that’s capable of transforming commerce on a planetary scale.

That’s why, as a financial advisor, you must become knowledgeable about bitcoin and other digital assets – and the underlying technology known as the blockchain. At Inside ETFs’ special “Digital Assets Explained” track, presented by the RIA Digital Assets Council, you’ll get the education you need – so you can decide whether your clients should invest, and if so, how to incorporate these strategies into your practice.

Why you can't dismiss Blockchain

It’s easy to dismiss this topic as just another short-lived fad. But that would be foolish. Every major bank in the world is developing blockchain technology, and many of the largest institutions in the world are engaging in digital assets.

Fidelity has launched Fidelity Digital Asset Services to let investors trade and store bitcoin; it’s been awarded a trust-company charter from New York’s Department of Financial Services, authorizing it to offer custody and trading services to institutional and individual investors.

At Inside ETFs, you’ll learn about the exchanges where you can buy digital assets, and the funds that invest in them.

Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Duke, UNC and dozens more college endowments have invested in bitcoin and other digital assets, while Facebook has announced plans to launch Libra, a new global currency. There's clearly a huge precedent for the adoption of Blockchain by these historic, leading institutions.

Bitcoin is just the beginning...

Already emerging is tokenization, the next big thing for the future of investing. We’ve been tokenizing companies for centuries – you can buy IBM for about $114 billion, or you can buy a tiny slice of it – a single share (a token) – for about $130.

Why stop there? Thanks to the blockchain, you can now buy tokens (small pieces) of apartment buildings in Manhattan, rare wines, Old Masters paintings, even exotic sports cars.

Using the blockchain, investors can now buy a token (akin to a stock’s share) of just about anything. Tokenization will revolutionize asset ownership on a global scale – and the education you’ll get at RIADAC’s “Digital Assets Explained” track at Inside ETFs will show you both how tokenization works and the implications for investment management and asset allocation.

Join us in Florida for learning you won't find anywhere else

There’s more. At Inside ETFs, you’ll learn about the exchanges where you can buy digital assets, and the funds that invest in them. You’ll also discover how your clients can acquire stakes in companies that are building blockchain technology. And most importantly, you’ll delve into the key question: In an asset allocation model, should bitcoin be listed as equity, as debt – or as a completely new asset class?

But buying digital assets is one thing; tracking prices across different market-making platforms is quite another. Several companies have emerged to resolve a key challenge facing investors and investment advisors, and at Inside ETFs, you’ll get an inside look at them.

You’ll also explore the tax and regulatory status of digital assets. The SEC says bitcoin is not a security, and the Federal Reserve says bitcoin is not currency. The IRS says bitcoin is property subject to taxation, but the CFTC says bitcoin is a commodity. What’s a taxpayer to do? Come and find out!

This special track at Inside ETFs will feature some of the leading experts in the digital asset space. The program will be led by RIADAC founder Ric Edelman, one of the most influential financial advisors in the nation. We look forward to seeing you at Inside ETFs!

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