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Is Innovation Really Worth It? Chief Innovation Officers Debate at FEI

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Innovation executives are constantly being asked to prove the value of their role to the organization. Yet it's often hard to define clear metrics, measurement, and ROI when it comes to innovation.

Don't miss the Chief Innovation Officer panel happening exclusively at the 2012 Front End of Innovation, taking place May 15-17, 2012 at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

CIO's debate how organizations of all sizes, missions, and industries can create systematic innovation programs, which can be linked to performance and growth improvements in efficiency, productivity, and competitive market share.

Join John Hillenbrand, Chief Innovation Oficer of Owens Corning; Markus Fromherz, Chief Innovation Officer of XEROX, and Rob van Leen, Chief Innovation Officer of DSM at FEI 2012 for the Chief Innovation Officer Panel.

Following the Chief Innovation Officer Panel, delve deeper into the topic of "Is Innovation Really Worth It: Metrics, Measurement, and ROI" by selecting one of FEI's four learning formats:

' Fighting Back with Innovation: When Saving Lives is Your Innovation Inspiration
- Brian Hart, Founder, Black-I Robotics
' Whirlpool's Third Diamond: A Disciplined Process to Realize and Extract Maximum Value of Innovation in the Marketplace
- Moises Norena, Global Director of Innovation, Whirlpool Corporation
' It's Just Numbers, Right? Prioritizing Investment Across the Global Business Portfolio: Sales, Profit, NPV, and Productivity of Investment.
- Ryan Frank, Director of Marketing, Global Innovation, Abbott
' Ensuring Buy-In for Innovation: How to Make Product/Services Decisions that Will Resonate with the C-Suite.
- Gordon Hui, Former AVP Innovation, The Hartford
' Innovation in an Uncertain World
- Dave Gordon, Director, Service Strategy, Defense, Rolls Royce
' Doubling Down on Innovation at Kraft Foods North America
- Barry Calpino, Vice President of Breakthrough Innovation, Kraft Foods
' Extra Time with Chief Innovation Officers
- John Hillenbrand, Chief Innovation Officer, Owens Corning
- Markus Fromherz, Chief Innovation Officer, Healthcare, Xerox
- Rob Van Leen, Chief Innovation Officer, DSM

"Innovation' Is It Really Worth It" is just one of themes covered at FEI 2012.

Additional content areas include:

Can Innovation Be Taught?
Storytelling: Combating Innovation Inertia
Reinvent with Confidence. Reset for Growth
From Blue Sky to Reality: Design at the Front End
Collaboration in the New Social Space

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