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Keynote Presentation from Mike Santori: Using Protyping to Reduce the Risk of Innovation

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Mike Santori begins his keynote speech by discussing how the biggest area where we are seeing prototyping to reduce the risk of innovation is in alternative energy.

There is a misconception especially in the automobile industry where computer simulation can replace building an actual prototype, but it is necessary to do so.

Values of Prototyping

  • Vet Unknown technical risk and challenges
  • Vet unknown business model risk
  • Attract resources - people and capital
  • Speed time to market
  • Find and sell early to market

The first step is ideation where you talk to your peers about building a case that the invention or idea is going to create. Next, you start proving a case and building a data sheet. Next comes the specification stage where you start doing alpha testing. Lastly, you have the idea and its in the market, that's when you start getting customers.

8 tips to successful prototyping
- Ideas are cheap, proving values is hard
- Ensure you can demo your prototype
- Start with a paper design
- Put in just enough work
- Avoid focusing on cost too early
- Fight 'reversion to the mean'
- Anticipate for multiple options
- Look for opportunities for reuse

Mike leaves us with some comments on how right now there is a transformation going on in the academic landscape where there is more hands on project-based learning for kids. Educators are trying to engage kids in real life science because they are the future innovators of 2020.

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