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Lead Insights

Actionable Leads. Richer Insight.

Unlock The Full Potential of Your Leads

Your custom Lead Insights platform offers a single, near real-time view of all your event and digital campaign leads and reporting in one place.

Lead Insights builds a rich profile of each of your leads through how they have engaged with your content and overlaid with detailed demographic and company data. This data is translated into actionable insights, giving you a deeper understanding of who your leads are, what interests matter to them, and what their needs are. Sophisticated filtering and segmentation then allow you to pinpoint your hottest prospects in seconds.

This enables you to tailor your follow up messaging more effectively, turn leads into customers, and maximise your return on investment. All this in a customisable platform that integrates smoothly with your existing systems and allows you to easily track how your campaign has performed.

Lead Insights arms you with all the information you need to target the right leads, with the right message, at the right time.

Platform Demo

Watch this video or more information about the platform and an overview of the key features.

How to get the most value out of lead Insights

Access Platform Early

When you receive access to the platform, familiarise yourself with the features. If you would like a 1-2-1 demo of the platform, please request one through your account manager or using the Business Enquiry section within the platform. If your colleagues require access, you can request this through your account manager.

Customise Your Dashboard

Customize how you can view your leads and the data export by adding, removing, or repositioning columns at the start of your campaign in the Leads section. The platform will remember the configuration each time you log in, enabling simple integration with your existing systems.

Set Up Your Ideal Customer Profile

Before the campaign starts, set up your ICP, or Ideal Customer Profile, in the platform by selecting the criteria that are important to you. This ensures that leads who fit these criteria are automatically grouped together throughout the campaign.

Access Pre-Event Leads

If you are an event sponsor, you will start generating leads through app engagement before an event. Filter and prioritise them in the Leads section to arrange meetings with them before you get onsite.

Access Leads in Real-Time

Access all your leads in one place, updated in near real-time throughout the duration of your event or digital campaign. That means that if you sponsor a session for example, you will receive the details of all the attendees from that session within an hour of it finishing.

Target Leads for Meetings Onsite at Events

Quickly segment and prioritise leads with sophisticated filtering during the event. Understand how they have engaged with you at the event so you can quickly filter and target them for meetings whilst onsite.

Track Campaign Performance

Quickly visualise how your event or campaign is performing and whether you are attracting the right audience in the Insights section to ensure that you can make changes during the event or digital campaign to maximise success.

Prioritise and Target your Hottest Leads

Use filters or segments to group similar leads together and prioritise them based on how they have engaged with you to pinpoint your hottest prospects. Engagement scoring in the Leads section allows you to rank leads based on how engaged they are with you – leads who interacted multiple times will be scored higher than those who just engaged once. Pay particular attention to leads who interacted across multiple products.

Customise Your Follow Up Messaging

Understand how your leads have engaged with you, who they are and what their needs are through rich engagement and company intelligence data. This enables you to tailor your follow up messaging more effectively and turn leads into customers. Further target relevant leads with a webinar or content marketing on a topic they are interested in. Select a segment and send a business enquiry directly from the platform to discuss your options with a sales representative.

Measure ROI

Quickly visualise how your campaign performed and whether you attracted the right audience to analyse the success of different products and measure ROI.

Plan Future Campaigns

Use Lead Insights to compare data from previous campaigns and identify the best ways to maximise lead gen and reach the right audience. Your account manager will work with you to build a package that will help you reach your goals.

How to Maximise Your Event Leads

Maximise Your Content Footprint

More content means more opportunities for lead generation. In addition to this, it helps to build a richer profile around each lead if we can see they have engaged across multiple touch points, allowing you to customise your follow up more effectively.

Track Engagement

Use Lead Insights to track delegates who have interacted with you digitally or attended your session and invite them for a meeting or to visit your booth.

Use the Onsite App to Find Potential Leads

The onsite app is a great tool to help you find potential leads who haven’t engaged with you yet. Look for people who fit your criteria and target them onsite.

Scan Everyone Who Visits Your Booth

In order to benefit from Lead Insight’s enriched data, the onsite team should be scanning everyone they speak to so that their information is captured and uploaded to your dashboard.

Send Meeting Requests and Messages Early

Delegate’s schedules can get booked up quickly, so it’s a good idea to send meeting requests and messages early to maximise your chances of receiving a response.



How do we track engagement data?

Event data is tracked through the event app and onsite scanning (either into sessions, or at exhibitor booths). Webinar data is tracked through registration forms and the webinar platform.