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Live from Boston: It's FEI!

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As promised I'm here in Boston getting ready to cover the event and meet with members of our LinkedIn group and other attendees here at FEI. I drove up from New York to Boston, a decision I made because I had driven it so much when I attended college here in Boston. Coming down the Mass Pike, I-90, into downtown Boston is something; watching that beautiful city skyline rise up, I thought I should visit Boston more often. FEI start in just a few hours this evening. I had a chance to walk through the World Trade Center conference space as everyone begins setting up; it's amazing the amount of work and effort that goes into an event this size. I also had a chance to meet with some sponsors and other attendees who have all offered to guest blog during and after the event. Be sure to subscribe to our feed so you can see the latest from here in Boston. Coming through the space I ran into Kim Rivielle, Managing Director, Marketing & Strategy Division at IIR, and Jennifer Finer, Senior Conference Producer for the Front End of Innovation US and Europe. Both were very busy overseeing the final details before things begin tonight, but they were good enough to quickly chat with me and give me their thoughts before the event begins. I've shared it here And as I promised over the next few days I'll be posting as often as possible, check back often, and as our guest bloggers and I try and share with you all the great experience here at FEI.

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