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Live from Front End of Innovation 2012: A Look to Tomorrow: Physics of the Future

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Michio Kaku, Famed Futurist, Physicist, and TV Personality, co-founder of the string field theory, took us on a guided trip to the future.

Wealth ultimately comes from science and technology and new inventions lead to waves of wealth. The next 100 years will depend on the 4th wave and will be driven by innovations.

Next 100 Years:

  • The Internet will be everywhere - including glasses. 
  • Children will drive new technology. 
  • Payments and shopping will be moneyless and contactless. 
  • Cell phones will have flexible, intelligent screens.
  • Computers will be as thin and cheap as paper.
  • TV cameras will give you xray vision because you will be able to shoot images from cameras on other side of barrier to your eye.
  • It will become fashionable and normal way of viewing the world to have augmented reality thru glasses or contacts
  • Your living room wall will be computerized and connected.
  • Doctors will provide healthcare via a wall avatars
  • Television will have transparent screens and 3D - without glasses
  • Computers will be disposable scrap 'faucets" offering access to the Cloud
  • Cars will drive themselves using GPS, radar and chips
  • Mass customization instead of mass production will be possible and cheap
  • The consumer will have the advantage: perfect capitalism
  • Data mining will be a rich source for retailers
  • Targeted Cancer therapy: Nano particles will locate and kill cancer cells
  • Intelligent pills you can swallow will shoot pictures and gather information internally inside the blody
  • Your toilet will monitor your health and screen for Cancer
  • MRI Machines will be the size of cell phones
  • A CD with your entire genome sequence will cost $100
  • You will be able to grow new organs as needed
Michio Kaku's Future video playlist available here: discovery.com

Valerie M. Russo is a Senior Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a technology, anthropology, marketing and publishing business acumen.  She is a published poet and also maintains a literary blog. She may be reached at vrusso@iirusa.com. Follow her @Literanista.   

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