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Live from Front End of Innovation 2012: Establishing Innovation Pipeline Management in a Global System

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The Coca-Cola logo is an example of a widely-recognized trademark representing a global brand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John Hodgson, Director of Innovation Pipeline Management at The Coca-Cola Company spoke today about Establishing Innovation Pipeline Management in a Global System.

At Coca-cola, their challenge is to make innovation sustainable. They began by innovation - that is their corporate history and heritage. They invited coupons, the six pack, they were one of the first sponsors of the Olympics.

Coca-cola has created various dashboards to visualize their innovation pipelines throughout development stages. Are they balanced across time  - is the model effective, is it sufficient globally? Is the foresight for this innovation valuable? Does it meet our targets? Will the market accept it? Probability success score?

Transparency and visibility helps focus on value. Pipeline is also looked at from a consumer needs perspective.It needs to be balanced across strategy, risk, value, efficiency, project types, ...

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