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Millenial Generation and Innovation

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The 2008 presidential election proved to the world that the millennial generation is not willing to sit back and wait for others to act, but that they are ready to take responsibility and leadership for themselves. This article on MarketWatch highlights how the millennial generation, which runs 95 million strong, is ready and able to do whatever it takes to help President-elect Barack Obama.

Eric Greenberg, author of Generation We: How Millennial Youth Are Taking Over America and Changing Our World Forever is a huge advocate for using what he calls 'America's greatest untapped resources: the Millennial Generation.' He's even released a website, www.Gen-We.org, and released this YouTube video to help mobilize and organize the Millennial Generation.

Innovation has always been the backbone of America's success, and the millenials are seeing this now more than ever:

'Seeing little hope for real change within the current political system, Millennials believe that innovation and new ideas are the only path forward, and they are eager to engage in collective social movements to reshape the world around their own values and priorities.'

The 2009 Front End of Innovation US Conference will have a panel session during the Culture Factors Track on the topic of Millennial Generation and Innovation called, 'Why won't you let me innovate'? Panelists for this session to date include millennial innovation practitioners from Birds Eye Food and Kimberly Clark. We have room for one more millennial panelist during this session at FEI US. So if you are a millennial interested in participating, please contact Jennifer Finer jfiner@iirusa.com with a short (one paragraph) proposal.

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