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Opening opportunity through open innovation

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Exclusive First Read Every week through October 2013, we will
post a short excerpt from our Summer Innovation Book Club Pick: Killing Ideas -
You can kill an idea, you can't kill an opportunity By NewEdge CEO, Dr. Pam

The opportunity ecosystem is a kaleidoscope of overlapping ecosystems.
An organization that looks externally as well as internally will discover untold possibilities. 

In recent years this has become evident as more and more companies explore open innovation in seeking technology inputs from outside companies. They have realized that no matter how well they play the talent game, not all the smart people work for them.

'There is a world bursting with people creatively pushing the boundaries of both what can be done and what might be wanted. 

The opportunity ecosystem is made up of people and groups who influence, observe, or participate in an opportunity. Each opportunity ecosystem is unique'it is not the entire world but all those who are engaged in an opportunity'which could be quite a large group indeed. 

While we may choose to ignore those in the opportunity ecosystem, our consumers will not. They will be affected by the opinions and inventions that emerge, now more than ever as the world becomes increasingly connected.

'Looking at open innovation through the eyes of opportunity builds on this momentum and greatly expands potential. - Killing Ideas, Ch 3, Big Relationships

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