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Participate in a Crowd-sourced Innovation Book: Good News from Europe

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During the Front End of Innovation EMEA Conference in Zurich last month, the initiative was be launched to create a book with a selection of 100 European innovations: Good News from Europe.

The book is meant as an inspiration for innovators world wide: to share the passion for innovation and to honour those innovators who realised their ideas even despite economic harsh times.

The book will be created through 'crowd sourcing'. Through the FEI network and its connected social networks, we will be looking for innovations that should be included in the book.

The book will published at the end of November 2012, and will present 100 innovations, each on a two-page spread, described in about 500 words, and illustrated with pictures of the innovation and the innovator(s) and as an eBook as well.

The printed book will be in full-colour, on 135grs paper, bounded in hard and full-colour gloss laminated cover.

The book will contain approximately 240 pages in full-colour containing:

'Preface, contents and introduction

'List of sponsors

'100 innovations, each described in 500 words, covering the innovation itself, the origination of the idea, the key elements in the innovation process, expectations for the future and some key figures. They will be illustrated with pictures of the innovation and of the innovator(s). The innovators will also convey their learning in a tip for other innovators. The names, functions and website of the innovators will be listed as well.

'An analysis of the innovations listed in the book, summarising important trends and key success factors.

The book will be published in November 2012 in an edition of at least 3000 pieces, allowing the innovators and sponsors to present copies to their relations at the festive season. The book will be designed by VissenCom, who also designed the Dutch editions.

The book will further contain an analysis of the innovations presented, to highlight remarkable insights regarding the key success factors in the process of innovation.

Submit your Innovation Today!
How you can Participate:

- submit an innovation from Europe before May 15 (100 words only)
- become co-author for your country/region to inspire people to contribute
- become a sponsor of this great book

To submit an innovation, learn more or pre-order the book, please visit www.goodnewsfromeurope.com.

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