1. Unique and secure login
Keep attendees’ contact information secure yet accessible by other conference participants for meeting scheduling purposes.

2. One login
One single login across all partneringONE events.

3. Flexible configuration
partneringONE is highly flexible and can be configured based on your needs: company or individual accounts, meeting scheduling or messaging only.


4. Rich profiles
Participants can fill in or import detailed information about their company, enter assets, and upload documents to showcase their own offerings.

5. Advanced search
partneringONE’s advanced search capabilities allow participants to easily find best fit partners and request meetings.


6. Meeting Schedule
Meetings will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time, with automatic notification emails to all parties. Attendees can manage their meeting schedule, view their colleagues' schedules and more.

7. Re-schedule
Give attendees the flexibility to reschedule meetings themselves with the click of a button.


8. Messages
Participants can reply to meeting requests through the platform, keeping email addresses private.

9. Agenda
Side by side view of the conference agenda and meeting availability. Allows attendees to set their availability to indicate when they are free to take meetings.

10. Notes
Help attendees to stay organized and track profiles of interest by adding a note directly on the profile of individuals and companies.


11. Bookmark with Tags
Increase attendees’ productivity by focusing their thoughts with tags.

12. History
Delegates can access partnering history from past partneringONE events they have attended.


13. Target
Increase the chance of positive meeting outcomes for your attendees with “targeting” the right delegate or asset on their meeting request.

14. Contact Sharing
Participants have the option to share their contact details in lieu of a business card for easy follow up.

15. Help
Participants can visit the Help section for more information on the partnering process. It is directly accessible in partneringONE.