Partnering is Competitive, partneringONE plus is Your Strategic Advantage

Find, connect, and manage your partnering year-round.


Find new prospects and reconnect with leads

  • Pinpoint the partners who meet your unique specifications with advanced search.
  • Be the first to know when new matches are available with saved search alerts.
  • Make the most of your next event. Identify the best events to attend to meet your prospects, up to six months ahead of partnering opening.

Never miss an opportunity, while achieving maximum ROI


Connect with the right people to schedule quality meetings

  • With partneringONE plus you are already ahead of the game. Make connections ahead of partnering opening so you stand out from the crowd.
  • No more manual cross-referencing against your spreadsheets or CRM with seamless event integration.
  • Prioritize your meetings. Filter event attendees by your company history, alerts or custom lists.

More time to fill your meeting calendar and personalise your pitch


Manage your data with ease

  • Import your meeting data into our prospect management tools at the click of a button.
  • Track companies and assets of interest, set priority and status, view meeting history and development phase without manual data-entry. 
  • Set up alerts on company and asset profiles so you know when something changes.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and perfectly time your follow-up

What’s Included:


All your partnering prospects in one place - Access the full database of partnering-ready companies, assets and people.  Pinpoint your perfect partners with advanced search.


Saved search – Identify new matches for your unique specifications

Profiles – Be the first to know when a company registers for an event, updates their profile, or an asset changes development phase.

Custom lists – Set alerts against your full pipeline or individual entries.

Prospect management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets - Manage your deal pipeline and prospects with custom lists.


View your company’s history with potential partners no matter how your team changes

Seamless event integration

Filter your event search results by your alerts, pipeline or company history, and import your meeting data into your custom lists at the click of a button.


Exclusively available for licensing professionals - Send and receive messages year-round to get ahead of the curve

How partneringONE plus can help...