Partnering is Competitive, partneringONE plus is Your Strategic Advantage

partneringONE plus combines a unique data set with partnering management tools for maximum year-round partnering efficiency.

A Database Unlike Any Other

Unique in content, unique in structure, the partneringONE plus database combines companies who are actively looking for partners, alongside partnering-ready assets and the people who are responsible for their commercial future. 

Find the right partner at the right time!

11,500+ Companies

16,000+ Assets

33,000+ People


People Change, Your Company History Remains the Same

The partneringONE plus dataset includes all your company’s meeting requests, acceptances, declines and general messages from across 60 events so you can share and collaborate with your team. 

Partnering history is maintained at company level so no matter who changes, the details are preserved. When people change, meeting history remains, preserving your relationship and history of engagement.

Don’t let information management slow you down!



Creating the Perfect Search Strategy Takes Time – Don’t Let it Go to Waste!

Identify, review and curate companies and assets to find the right partner. Save your search strategy and set up alerts to make the most of your time. Create custom lists of companies you want to follow and stay up-to-date with new developments. 

Integration with partneringONE events means you can manage all your partnering activities in a single platform.

Focus your time on what matters – closing the deal!


Build Relationships Year-Round

Continue to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones with year-round company-to-company contact services. Prioritize the events you need to be at to continue the conversation and reach new prospects from the events you couldn’t attend.

 Currently available to pharmaceutical and biotech companies only, partneringONE plus puts the focus on high-quality, meaningful interactions.

Get ahead of the competition – start creating partnerships today!

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What’s Included:


partneringONE events

Optimizes the experience of a single event

partneringONE plus

Optimizes the big picture



Profiles from single events you are registered to attend


Profiles from the full database of all events since 2018 – all your partnering prospects in one place

Search and Alerts

Basic search within single events

Advanced search across company, asset and people profiles. Save your search strategy and set up alerts to maximize efficiency.

Lists and Bookmarking

Bookmarks and notes

Customizable lists which seamlessly integrate with your event experience


Event level meeting history

Company history of all your interactions with potential partners no matter how your team changes


Send and receive meeting requests during event partnering

Send and receive messages year-round to get ahead of the curve

Access Type

Personal access included in event delegate fee

Company access via subscription