Find the Right Partner at the Right Time with partneringONE plus

Identifying the right partner to make your asset a commercial success is crucial for your business, but in an increasingly competitive environment, how do you identify the best companies to work with and build the relationships that will make you stand out?

The Right People

Identify the right contacts at a biopharma company that can champion your asset and move it closer to commercial success. 

Our solution:partneringONE plus database

  • The industry’s gold-standard dataset of partnering -ready small, medium and large biopharma companies and the people that are responsible for uncovering external innovations and forming partnerships.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in navigating to the right stakeholder stems from profiles carefully managed by potential partners who want to maintain their visibility as a partner of choice to you and others. 

The result: Until now, your access to this data was limited to the scope of the event. Now you can join the dots and have a single year-round strategy to reach people and assets at exactly the right time.

The Right Partners

Make the most of limited resources and time for maximum ROI on your partnering strategy.

Our solution: Advanced search and filtering, designed for out-licensors, lets you interrogate the partnering database.

  • Identify, review and curate biopharma companies that would be the best partners for your asset
  • Contact the scouts who are proactively searching for assets like yours
  • Find service providers who can help you overcome research and manufacturing challenges that are limiting your R&D efforts

The result: Discover new information across profile categories in one search to find the right companies, licensing assets or services.

The Right Time

Never miss an opportunity to find or progress your next billion-dollar deal opportunity.

Our solution:partneringONE plus provides the tools for greater year-round efficiency:

  • Engage year-round. Expand your curation of assets, people or companies beyond a single event. 
  • Contact and outreach services means you don’t need to wait until the next event to start building relationships.
  • Save strategic searches and get updates straight to your inbox
  • Transition smoothly between at-event partnering and business as usual back at the office. 
  • Collaborate with teams and groups in your organization to efficiently prioritize follow-up. 

The result: Stay ahead of the competition, find potential partners, research your pitch, and start building relationships year-round.