Learn How to Get More Power Out of partneringONE®

partneringONE® is an online conference platform that allows delegates to contact other participants and schedule meetings with them.

How to Use the Partnering System

Every attendee gets access to our partnering platform partneringONE®, which allows you to identify prospective partners using advanced search capabilities and manage all your meeting requests in one place.


Register, log in and tell us about yourself and your company. Update your company assets so other participants can find you and use your profile to evaluate your meeting requests.


Search for companies, participants and any services or products of interest and send requests for one-to-one meetings.


Accept or decline requests from others. Your meeting schedule will be based on your accepted requests and mutual availability.

partneringONE® Video Tutorials

If you are new to partneringONE®, watch these video tutorials to get started!

Mobile Access

Learn how to access pONE via a mobile browser.

Logging In

Learn how to log in and reset a password.

Company Profile

Learn how to edit and publish a company profile.

Setting Availability

Learn how to set your availability.
(virtual events only)

Contact Details via Settings

Learn how to share contact details via settings.

Company Search

Learn how to conduct a company search.

Meeting Requests

Learn how to send a meeting request.


Learn how to target a delegate or asset.

Contact Details via Requests

Learn how to share contact Details via requests.

Partnering History

Learn how to access partnering history.

Missing Availability

Learn how to resolve missing availability meetings.

Reschedule Meetings

Learn how to reschedule a meeting.

Video Upload

Learn how to upload a video to company profile. 

Calendar Download

Learn how to download a meetings calendar.

Adding Colleagues

Learn how to add colleagues to meetings.

Contact Details

Learn how to retrieve shared contact details.

Manage Notifications

Learn how to manage notifications.

Hybrid User Journey

Learn about the user journey for hybrid events.