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partneringONE was first created in 2006 to automate the scheduling of meetings for EBD Group, the pioneer in international biopharma business development and partnering events. Since then, the partneringONE events platform has evolved, through many upgrades and improvements, to provide what is universally agreed to be the best partnering experience for events.

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Today, partneringONE powers not only the most important series of partnering events across the world, including the events from EBD Group and LSX, but also a range of important partnering / investor meetings organized by trade associations, publishers and event organizers.

partneringONE plus

Our events background means that partneringONE plus now represents a truly unique and powerful database of partnering ready assets and the people responsible for them, as well as the large investors and biopharmaceutical firms who are responsible for funding innovation, or acquiring and licensing external innovations.

partneringONE plus releases a wealth of new functionality, targeted to better support the year-round partnering process. Updated features include enhanced search tools for finding the right contacts, more opportunities for scheduling meetings and new tracking tools to help users visualize and use historical data to plan future partnering activity efficiently.

With over 25 years of experience in developing first-in-class partnering technologies and managing partnering events, partneringONE is the market leader in world-class partnering services.