partneringONE plus Keeps You Ahead of the Evolving Demands of Partnering

In an increasingly complex and fragmented partnering landscape, access to the tools and data that filter out noise, increase efficiency, and ensure every meeting is the right meeting, can be the difference between closing the deal or coming up short.

Every Meeting is the Right Meeting

Identify new and interesting assets before the competition and exceed your partnering goals.

Our solution: partneringONE plus database

  • Our gold-standard database combines profiles from over 60 events to provide you with access to the latest partnering ready assets and the people responsible for them.
  • Zoom in on the right match for your partnering strategy and start building relationships with potential partners year-round.
  • Profiles are added and enhanced with information from the latest events to provide a comprehensive and timely dataset.
  • Prioritize which future events you need to attend so you never miss a hidden gem.

The result: Until now you were limited to the data from events you could attend, now you can see the bigger picture, and make the most of every interaction.

10x Efficiency Across All Events

Maximize the ROI of your partnering strategy, and zero in on high-impact tasks.

Our solution: Company-level relationship tracking

See your company’s multi-year partnering history so you can:

  • See at-a-glance the status of your relationship with an asset owner
  • Avoid duplicated outreach
  • Pick up outreach exactly where you left off
  • Effortlessly access project details, meeting notes and ideas
  • Even if personnel change, your company history remains complete

The result: A clear and streamlined partnering strategy for every event.

Filter Out Noise and Distractions

Make the most of your limited time by prioritizing and focus on assets and people you need to meet right now.

Our solution: partneringONE plus provides the tools to help you cut through the noise

Save your favorite search strategies, set alerts and create custom lists so you can:

  • Prioritize and focus on assets and people you need to meet right now
  • Keep sight of rising stars you may want to meet in the future
  • Rely on alerts to tell you when something changes
  • Avoid repeating evaluation and disqualification work

The result: Outpace the competition with maximum efficiency.