Your new strategic advantage for in-licensing

Increased competition and a changing landscape mean more pressure on business development and licensing. partneringONE plus transforms your perspective, putting the evolving partnering landscape into focus.

When a one-month delay in signing a deal is worth millions...

You need to find new companies, assets and technologies fast

Our solution: With the partneringONE plus database you can Identify new and interesting assets before the competition.

  • With data populated from events, you know companies are actively seeking partners. 
  • Advanced search helps you pinpoint the right partners for your unique goals.
  • Be the first to know when a new record is added which meets your carefully crafted criteria.

The result: Until now you were limited to the data from events you could attend, now you can see the bigger picture, and make the most of every interaction.

When you have hundreds of inbound meeting requests...

You need to make the most of your limited time by prioritizing and focusing on assets and people you need to meet right now.

Our solution: partneringONE plus provides the tools to help you cut through the noise

  • Triage your inbound requests and focus on meeting the right companies
  •  No more time-consuming cross-referencing when event partnering opens
  • Manage your lists, notes, corporate history and meetings on one platform, wherever you are.

The result: Noise cancelling headphones for partnering - Outpace the competition with maximum efficiency.


When your team is spread across regional hubs...

You need data not delays

Our solution: Company-level relationship tracking and collaboration tools

  • View your history of meetings and outreach across your global team
  • Share data with your team and colleagues without added admin.
  • Keep on top of shifting strategies - track assets and companies of interest even if now isn’t the right time

The result: A clear and streamlined partnering strategy, before, during, and after events