You asked, we listened: partneringONE June updates

Partnering and investment goals make it easier for you to find the right partners

How do you know who is in-licensing, or who is out-licensing? Who is investing or who is seeking investment?

With the June release of partneringONE we’ve made it easier to target your meeting requests to the right companies with the introduction of partnering and investment goals.

Partnering goals and investment goals make it simple to find potential partners whose aims complement your own. In your company profile, select the fields that are relevant for your specific goals to make it clear what opportunities you are seeking or offering. If you work in research & development services or consulting you can also easily find companies who are seeking services, helping you make the best use of your 150 meeting invites.

Partnering and investment goals are then easy to use in search. Simply use the filters on the search result page to narrow down your long list of prospective partners.

partnering goals search filters

Why should you use partnering goals?

It only takes 60 seconds for you to update your profile and start enjoying these benefits:

  • Find the right partner or investor faster
  • Reduce the noise in your inbox with more relevant meeting requests
  • Make the most of your 150 meeting invites
  • Ensure your event experience is focused, relevant and provides the best possible ROI

What do you need to do?

To use partnering or investment goals simply edit your company profile and update the partnering and investment goals sections by selecting all goals that apply.

Setting your goals helps other companies make informed decisions about whether to send you a meeting request and can help reduce the noise in your inbox by ensuring that you only receive relevant meeting requests.

Reminder – if you are importing your profile from a previous event, you will need to update your profile to set your goals. Once this is saved, your goals will be available for import at all future partneringONE events.

What else has changed this June?

Meeting preferences have been removed – partnering goals has now replaced meeting preferences within profiles and search. The specificity of partnering goals make it easier for companies to ensure their meeting requests are relevant and allow improved targeting compared to the meeting preferences field.

Update your partnering goals in partneringONE

Improve the effectiveness of your partnering

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