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Path to Profit Maximisation - Strategy Development & Pricing

The SPPM course aims to develop a “strategist as profit maximiser at work” (treats delegates as real-life strategists responsible for company profits).

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Why Attend?

Research findings and assessments of various companies confirm that strategy and pricing efforts fall short of the company's potential. Many times, companies confuse strategic planning and strategy work thereby ending up facing poor performance. A strategy audit and assessment work reveal that many companies typically have (a)incomplete or poor strategy, (b) wrongly assume goals and objectives, that do not qualify as strategies, or (c) has no strategy at all.

With the current digital transformation of society, there is an abundant confusion between what company strategy and what digital transformation is all about.

Benefits Of Attending

  • Assess if the current company strategy is the right strategy?
  • What is driving or causing your company’s current level of performance?
  • How to develop, evaluate, and select the right strategy?
  • Develop pricing and profit maximisation in different market structures – such as monopoly, duopoly, oligopoly and etc
  • Understand pricing regulation and develop regulatory and pricing strategies

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Is this course for you?

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for anyone who is involved in or aspiring to be a strategy, pricing, and profit-maximising professional. It is also designed for board and senior managers who are interested or engaged across the strategy, pricing, and profitability areas.

The course is suitable for the Board of Directors, Group strategy, corporate strategy, start-up company, business unit strategy, Pricing strategist, pricing managers,marketing strategy, strategy consultants, change management, and digital strategy professionals.

All the above participants are currently somehow involved in identifying and resolving company strategic problems, pricing, and profitability issues. These senior members of the organisation would benefit most because the course increases the effectiveness and impact of these professionals and managers at work.


The course provides a unique set of competencies such as the ability to: 

  • Assess if the current company strategy Identify and diagnose issues affecting the company’s current level of performance
  • Develop, evaluate, and select the right strategy
  • Develop the right pricing and profit strategies in different market structures
  • Understand regulatory economics and develop responses

These competencies are part of all the senior managers’ pricing and strategyprofessionals’ job success criteria.


Delivered by Noah

Noah brings multi-functional expertise spanning from strategy, finance, internal governance, marketing, pricing, organisational development and culture, performance management, business improvements, and international business.

Run this course in-house

For over 29 years, Informa Connect Academy’s customised training solutions have helped organisations deliver tailored learning in different languages to suit every requirement