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Pharma R&D Annual Review 2020

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The researchers and analysts at Pharma Intelligence have taken the guess work out of figuring out how pharmaceutical research and development has progressed over the past few years and what you can expect in 2020. Pharma R&D Annual Review 2020 condenses the thorough analysis of all drugs in development by pharmaceutical companies, from those at the preclinical stage, through the various stages of clinical testing and regulatory approval, and up to and including launch. Download Now -  SPECIAL REPORT: 2019 Biopharma Outlook Facing an Uncertain Future What’s Inside:

  • Data that links each unique drug program’s developing company, disease, country, and status
  • Analysis of pharma companies’ therapeutic focuses and the trends they reveal
  • Insights into where in the world R&D is occurring
  • Details on the increased focus on rare diseases and immuno-oncology propelling drug research

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