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Pre Conference: Anything but PRE

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Usually PRE means before the good stuff, like the band opening for the headliner. But, Tuesday's PRE was no such thing. We had a great morning of consumable content. Then, the afternoon took it to an entirely wonderful place.

We enjoyed Samantha Skey from Recyclebank. While the name sounds appropriate for the current state of the banking industry, the idea is altogether better.

Samantha gave us a view of how Recyclebank is gaming the recycling industry, if we can call it an industry. Cities need to reduce their landfill costs. Consumers need motivation to do what's right when it comes to how they dispose of waste. Samantha shows us how Recyclebank is built on the principles of gaming to create new consumer behaviors. The result in the communities playing [where recycle bank is available] is both astounding and Kathryn Hepburn elegant.

People are participating accurately in recycling programs and getting rewarded for the results of their efforts with 'banked' credits. The challenge Recyclebank has is getting their platform into more communities, but it appears once they do the results are good for all of us.

So, here's my call out to friends of Capsule, authors, game changers, innovators and influential's ' get to know Recyclebank. If it isn't in your community, make some calls, send some emails and do what you do to make things happen.

Are you up for gaming the recycling industry?

Aaron Keller
CapsuleScape [Blog]

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