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Speaker Profile: John Kao

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John Kao is an authority on the intersecting subjects of corporate innovation and transformation, design, and the future of business. Dubbed a 'serial innovator' and 'Mr. Creativity' by The Economist, he has made a career out of helping organizations go from 'getting' the importance of innovation to 'getting innovation done.' John has worked with a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, startups, and government agencies around practical issues of strategic innovation and organizational transformation.

John's new book on the global dynamics of innovation is called Innovation Nation: How America Is Losing Its Innovation Edge, Why It Matters and How We Can Get It Back. It pays particular attention to what America's innovation posture needs to be in a world in which many countries are racing for the innovation high ground, such as Singapore, Denmark, Dubai, China, and Brazil.

Here's a video clip of an interview with John Kao, CEO of Kao & Company with FastCompany.

Don't miss John Kao's keynote speech, Innovation Nation, at the Front End of Innovation US event in Boston on May 18th through 20th. Next Wednesday we will profile FEI keynote Peter Erickson, Senior Vice President, Innovation, Technology and Quality, General Mills.

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