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SuperReturn Global Infrastructure
8 - 10 October 2024
Hilton BanksideLondon

Championing sustainability at SuperReturn Global Infrastructure

We’re committed to running events which are both environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. Here’s a breakdown of how we’re embedding sustainability in everything we do….

FasterForward to zero

FasterForward is Informa’s approach to sustainability, moving faster to become a zero waste and net zero carbon business. 

A series of activities and commitments carried out between 2020-2025 will ensure our events become ever more sustainable, delivering a truly positive impact to the markets we serve. We will also actively help our partners, customers and wider markets to achieve the same.

Our FasterForward commitments include:

  • Become carbon neutral across our events by 2025
  • Halve the waste generated through our events by 2025
  • Embed sustainability inside 100% of our events by 2025

See the full list of commitments and find out more >> 

Sustainability Initiatives

We are proud to deliver you a sustainable event by launching the initiatives outlined below. 

Digital Event Guide

Our event guide will be delivered in a 100% digital format this year, significantly reducing our usage of paper products during the live experience.  

We'll have QR codes onsite that attendees can easily scan with their smartphone to pull up the agenda on their mobile devices.

Eliminate Other Printed Materials

  • No physical mail promotional material referring to the conference

  • Use of digital signage wherever possible

Food and Beverage

  • Significant efforts are made to reduce food waste by anticipating precise delegate numbers   
  • Menus are seasonal and regional  
  • Elimination of single-use plastics by using reusable options such as water refill stations and glass and chinaware 
  • Food left over from the event is used in the hotel staff canteen, reducing almost any food waste

Lanyards and Name Badges

  • Lanyards and badges are collected and fully recycled post-event via our lanyard and badge recycling bins.  

Our "Better Stand" Program

Per our commitment to the evolution of the exhibition industry, we aim to ensure that we are delivering the best possible experience for our customers. 

We believe that by moving away from the use of disposable exhibition booths, we will improve the ease, quality, safety, and sustainability of the exhibitor experience at our events. 

We encourage our exhibitors to minimize handouts by utilizing our digital download QR code technology at their booths. 


Hilton Tower Bridge, London

Initiatives include:  

  • Energy efficiency through energy efficient lighting and equipment 
  • Water conservation through low-flow faucets  
  • Waste reduction through paper reduction initiatives and onsite recycling  
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) awards received including ISO 14001 – Environmental Management certification, ISO 50001 – Energy Management certification and ISO 9001 – Quality Management certification 
  • 49% reduction in carbon emissions since 2008 
  • Annual goals to reduce carbon footprint including reducing energy usage by 5%, water usage by 4% and waste by 4%

How are we building a sustainable event?

We believe a sustainable event focuses on three main aims...

Social responsibility

We want SuperReturn Global Infrastructure to be run in a socially responsible manner. To do so, we are focusing on:

  • Doing business safely and ethically
  • Considering wellbeing and accessibility
  • Creating a positive impact on our host cities and measuring our impacts

Environmental responsibility

SuperReturn Global Infrastructure will be run in an increasingly environmentally responsible manner, focusing on:

  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Creating less waste and discouraging giveaways from exhibitor stands and media partners
  • Considering sustainability credentials for every item sourced for the event

Sustainable development

Our aim is for SuperReturn Global Infrastructure to promote long-term sustainable development - in the way that we run the event but also in how it's implemented in the market as a whole. We are committing to: 

  • Using our content to support the sustainability of the private capital market
  • Developing close partnerships with associations and giving them a platform to promote their organisations
  • Facilitating discussions on pertinent topics including ESG and sustainable energy, social impact, corporate governance, climate change and much more

How are we going further at SuperReturn Global Infrastructure?

Charity Partner: Impetus

Impetus transforms the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, by making sure they get the right support to succeed in school, work and life.

Over 2 million young people live in poverty in Britain today. They are 40% less likely to get good GCSEs, 40% less likely to make it to university twice as likely to be out of a job or study after school jobs.

We find, build and fund high-potential charities. We have a unique approach to working with our charities. We provide them with long-term, unrestricted core funding, the expertise of our dedicated investment team and access to our world-class pro-bono network.

Charity Partner: Mental Health Resource

Mental Health Resource provide safe spaces and person-centred mental health support to help people who have complex, enduring mental health conditions improve their wellbeing. Our clients have conditions including anxiety, depression, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, self-harm and bi-polar and often struggle with low self-esteem and sometimes lack skills to manage stressful life events.

Their 4 non-judgemental, community-focused and supportive projects are:

  • The Hub: a friendly wellbeing centre
  • Reachout: Confidential, self-help support groups based out in the community
  • Reachout Youth: Helping young people share stories, develop coping strategies and make new friends
  • Assert: A specialist advocacy service provided to those detained under the Mental Health Act