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Supplier Relationship Management

Strategic Supplier Synergy: Navigating Smart Contracts and Digitalization for Optimal Relationship Management and Organizational Success

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Supplier Relationship Management Course

This supplier relationship management training course will help organisations improve their supplier performance, reduce costs, and mitigate supply chain risk, leading to improved operational efficiency and greater competitive advantage.

About the Course

Supplier relationships are critical to any enterprise that has significant spending with external providers. Leading companies have realised that it is vital to make sure these relationships are managed well – at corporate and interpersonal levels.

Your organisation’s brand in the market as a customer of choice accelerates competition and lowers costs. Conversely, having a negative reputation has the opposite effect.

This  supplier relationship management course starts at the most strategic level. It shows you how to categorise your suppliers by configuration structures, importance, as well as how they view your organisation. We then explore relationships that span many people over long periods, and gain experience in key tools.

During our next challenge in the course, we determine how to measure the success of your supplier relationships using the Contract Scorecard. It is not enough just to have a good relationship; your organisation must derive value from it.

We then seek to improve your interpersonal relationships, not only with suppliers, but within your organisation as well. As such, our supplier relationship management course will require you to complete a conflict management profile to gain valuable insight into your values and behaviours. We take that further, and engage in a problem-solving exercise where your strengths (and weaknesses), and those of others in your group, are put to the test.

Who Will Benefit

This course is for those responsible for supplier relationships, as well as those wanting to develop strategic relationships, including:

  • Supplier/vendor relationship managers
  • Category managers
  • Business, project, and contract managers
  • Operations personnel involved with third parties
  • Procurement and legal

Key Learning Objectives

  • Be able to categorise your suppliers to understand the different relationships
  • Know the business-to-business relationship and network from a corporate perspective
  • Plan an effective relationship from start to finish – before you’ve selected any suppliers as well as when they leave
  • Determine and track the value of suppliers using the Contract Scorecard
  • Have your personal conflict management style profiled and benchmarked, and see how the styles can affect your team and relationships with providers

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07 May 2024

4 days

13:00 17:00 Australia/Sydney


Live Digital


Sara Cullen



07 May 2024

4 days

11:00 15:00 Singapore


Live Digital


Sara Cullen



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Course Information

Instructional Delivery Method: Live Digital
Prerequisite & Advanced Preparation: Reading material will be sent prior to the course 

The CMP Certification Framework

The CMP provides a robust method of upskilling and recognising an individual’s expertise and experience in contract management and procurement. Our combination of in-class teaching, facilitation, knowledge-based testing and workplace evidence-based examinations has been carefully crafted to not only teach knowledge and skills, but to also demonstrate how individuals can apply their knowledge to work based situations. This Certification is recognised by IIBT and World Commerce & Contracting.

THE IIBT / Informa Connect Academy Alliance

IIBT and Informa Connect Academy Learning joined together to provide a pathway for those who complete Informa’s CMP at the Master level. All CMP Masters will receive Recognised Prior Learning (RPL): 2 units of credit in the 12 month, Higher Education, University level Diploma of Business Administration.

  • Business Law (BL101)
  • Management in Organisations (MGT101)

*This is a Higher Education Diploma equivalent to first year university NOT a Vocational Education Diploma.

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World Commerce & Contracting

Informa Connect Academy is a Learning Partner of the World Commerce & Contracting which is a not-for-profit association and the only global body promoting standards and raising capabilities in commercial practice.

International Institute of Business & Technology

The International Institute of Business & Technology Aust (IIBT) is a highly respected, government-approved, Australian provider of higher education and VET programs. Their suite of programs includes a University level Diploma of Business Administration, equivalent to the first year of a business related undergraduate degree at Australian Universities.


Delivered by Dr Sara Cullen

Sara is the Founder and Managing Director of The Cullen Group, a specialist organisation offering consulting, training, and publications regarding commercial agreements. She is also a Fellow at the University of Melbourne and an Associate at the London School of Economics. Previously she was a National Partner at Deloitte in Australia.

Run this course in-house

Informa Connect Academy’s customised training solutions have helped organisations deliver tailored learning in different languages to suit every requirement.


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