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The State of R&D in the US

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In the beginning of June, we wrote a post detailing the democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama's goal to increase the state of innovation in the United States. In a research study done by the Rand Corporation, they found that the United States is still the leader globally in research and development, but is quickly being outpaced by other countries for a number of reasons. Even though the United States spends 40% of the global budget on R&D, Korea and India are beginning to spend a greater percentage of money.
Other causes for the state of our innovative minds is that since 1980, graduates receiving degrees in science fields has only increased by 1.5% a year, and the national salary has remained at a relatively flat rate for 20 years. A few of the recommendations from Rand include increasing science in the public school system and implement a national test. The US also needs to find a way to recognize and implement the studies done in other countries. The US needs to find a way to emphasize the importance of science in the classroom from a young age. Without these young minds carrying along the passion and desire to research and innovate in the future, the US will surly be outpaced by other growing nations when it comes to science and innovation.

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