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Track Session: Social Media: How to Innovate and Collaborate with the Workforce of the Future

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Panelists: Dan Keldsen, Information Architected
Kara Engelhardt, Lockheed Martin Enterprise
Dan begins his presentation by stating that nothing is adopted instantly, especially when it comes to social media. Wikis have become increasingly popular now, but it is not new technology. The first wiki was actually created in 1995. So what was the reason for the massive explosion ' Wikipedia happened. Wikipedia replaced the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Don't jump into enterprise 2.0 if your culture is not ready for it. If you don't have Millenials in your organization, you are not exactly doomed. The success of enterprise 2.0 is based more on attitude than age. Create an space that lets you multiply ideas is crucial to today's businesses. Enterprise 2.0 has not fully been tapped yet, so it is worth diving into if your company has not done so yet.

Kara starts off her speech by bringing up some key point s of a virtual world
- Employees interact and communicate via avatars
- Without relying on travel or other physical constraints
- 'walk through' various scenarios and locations without actually being there

Virtual worlds allow you to test things out and get immediate feedback from that environment.

So why do we have to look at changing the way we communicate with our organizations, government, and schools.
- People are changing careers
- Increased complexity at work
- There are new digital users
- There is a digital evolution taking place

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