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Two Free Upcoming Innovation Web Seminars

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The Innovation Immersion Conference is putting on a series of webinars in anticipation for the event in October. First off here's the link to the archived webinar that took place last week, Is LEADER spelled with an I?" Searching for Innovation in the World of Talent Development. Make sure to take some time out to view it if you didn't get a chance to see it or if you want a refresher. Below are two more webinars that will take place next month in August.

The Duality of Effective Interactions on Teams: Know Yourself and Know Others

With the pressure to get things done, we often forget that a deep understanding of your own personality allows you to more effectively connect with others. But it doesn't stop there. That's only one half of the equation. You also need to spend some time getting to know others on your team. This is the duality: developing another level of self-understanding so you can extend yourself outward and know others better.

The two presenters in this webinar have extensive experience working with corporate teams during the economic downturn and have shown that working this duality actually increases the efficiency and effectiveness of teams. During this webinar, we are going to share with you a brief summary of a personality assessment tool and how it's transformed individuals and teams during this economic downturn. Our main emphasis is sharing stories of how teams used the duality of knowing self and knowing others to enhance the team. Stories will include how teams became:
' More Efficient and effective
' More Engaged
' Appreciative of other's strengths
' Appreciative of differing managerial styles
' Better able to influence others, including key stakeholders

Featured Speakers
Mary Ellyn Vicksta, Creative Innovation Pioneer, Kimberly Clark Corporation
Dave Labno, Director, Organization and Team Effectiveness, Innovationedge

Date: Tue, Aug 11, 2009 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
Register: Mention priority code G1M2118W3BLOG

Yes You Can Use A Hammer for More Than Pounding in Nails: Maximizing your Creative Skill Development Tool

Adam and Eve probably had some creative thinking tools in the Garden Eden. The Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans had them too. Lenny and Mickey during the 1500s had them. Vincent, Tom, Albert, Alex and Sid all had and created creative thinking tools. Today you can find creative thinking tools around the globe. They come in all colors of the rainbow. There are mental/intellectual tools, physical tools, emotional tools. There are individual tools, tools for pairs, teams, entire audiences or crowds Tools can be rational, systematic, holistic, playful and mind expanding. They can range from the serious to the silly to down-right strange or bizarre.

This 1/2 day session is designed to provide the participants with on going, fast to slow paced experience with a wide variety of creative thinking tools to use from messing around with challenges or dreams, finding facts, examining problems, generating a few ideas to thousands or millions of ideas, to selecting the best ideas to turning ideas into a successful plan.

Bring you tool belts, tool kits, tool boxes and learn a bunch more tools you can use immediately.

Three things you will get:

- experience using multiple types of tools
- exploration with tools to use in varied sitations for specific purposes
- a virtual tool belt, tool kit, tool box bigger than they already have

Featured Speaker
Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP

Alan became obsessed with creating, collecting, using and teaching the use of tools from before a meeting starts, throughout any type of meeting or speech, to afterward. They range in use from breaking ice, connecting, bonding, developing teams, finding challenges and generating wishes and dreams, developing, collecting, organizing FACTS, producing PROBLEM STATEMENTS, sparking, discovering, generating IDEAS, narrowing down long lists of ideas into the best to use and for assembling workable plans that will lead to creative SOLUTIONS.

Date: Thu, Aug 20, 2009 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
Register: Mention priority code G1M2118W2BLOG

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