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Using Trash to Power a Vehicle

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In the past, being at war has been a launching point for innovation with the creation of common products such as the Jeep, computer, and microwave. Currently, the Army's Rapid Equipping Force, is funding the Tiger project to create a new type of vehicle that can convert food and waste into fuel as reported in this article. The full name for the vehicle is Tactical Garbage to Energy Refinery, and it will provide the military with a safer way to dispose of trash where soldiers won't have to worry about being exposed when taking it out, while simultaneously helping to save energy costs as an alternative fuel source. As Peter Kindsvatter, military historian at Aberdeen Proving ground, remarked on the importance of innovation 'In wartime, you're not worried about making a profit necessarily, you're worried about getting the latest technology on the street. Basically, you find yourself in a technology race with your enemy.' Tiger is being developed by scientists from Edgewood, VA Defense Life Sciences LLC, in conjunction with Purdue University. So far the costs to the military for this project have totaled $3 million dollars. Future funding will be dependent on how successful the 90 day testing period that is ending August 10th proves to be.

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