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What is the future of health care and wellness?

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Last week you told us what you thought about the future of technology. Thank you for all of your responses! We have already learned a great deal about our FEI network and where your interests are (and we'll be sure to pass along your thoughts to the FT 2010 Technology Keynote, Phil McKinney, CTO at HP). Now we are eager to learn the FEI network's predictions regarding this weeks 'Future of''

Let's hear it - what does the future hold for health care and wellness?

Dr. Mark Liponis, Author and Corporate Medical Director at Canyon Ranch sees the future of health care in terms of wellness. Medical advances continue at a blistering pace as medical discoveries and innovations have extended our life expectancy from five decades just eighty years ago to eight decades today. We've largely conquered infectious diseases are on the verge of controlling cardiovascular diseases; but, at the same time we're seeing an increase in environmental diseases stemming from our industrial society. Increasing rates of cancer, obesity, diabetes, autism, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and autoimmune diseases will create new ever-more complex challenges for our future health care system. Studies show that babies born today already harbor more than 200 industrial chemicals in their body even at birth. Toxic exposure is everywhere, and we are to blame. We can't all live in a bubble, so how can we produce ourselves and our families?

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