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What trend will disrupt your business?

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If you missed the Front End of Innovation EMEA event two weeks ago, Bob van Leeuwen, Innovation Manager, Strategist, & Trendwatcher, at Interpolis, has made his presentation, What Trend Will Disrupt Your Industry? available on slideshare:

The music industry learnt a hard, but valuable lesson in the nineties when the MP3 was introduced. People started downloading and sharing music. Instead of looking ahead, the industry's future strategy was to protect what they had in the past.

We all know now that this led to Apple taking control of the industry, by innovation. In 2011, Polaroid filed for bankruptcy while Instagram, a company that makes a photo, was bought by facebook for a billion Dollars. Nowadays people look at social media as a leading trend. But looking a bit closer, one sees disruptive decentralization.

What effect does this have on governments? Different car manufacturers and Google are working on- and testing with autonomous cars. What would the effect be on insurance? This presentation look into trends and the disruptive forces behind them. What trend will disrupt your industry?

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