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Banking Tech Awards
4th December 2024
Royal Lancaster Hotel

Banking Tech Awards 2022 Finalist: PagoNxt (a Santander company)

PagoNxt (a Santander company) has been selected as a finalist in the Top Tech Team – Bank/Financial Institution category for their team 'A Multidisciplinary and International Team' in the Banking Tech Awards 2022.

PagoNxt (a Santander company) - A Multidisciplinary and International Team

A lot has happened in the last two years. In November 2020, PagoNxt was launched with the mission of improving the global payments space, uniquely combining the agility of a fintech with the robustness of a traditional banking institution.

What has our journey been so far? We have managed to expand both our payment solutions catalogue, our client base – now ranging from big corporates to small/medium local merchants, and expand our tech footprint globally.

Key milestones achieved in a record time. But how, you may ask?

First, operating through a single cloud-native platform that is highly efficient, scalable, and secure. This has enabled us to offer an end-to-end integrated experience to our clients, and a unique access point to our vast array of API-first payment solutions.

But our main value is our talented teams and our Way Of Working, always looking to WOW our customers. We have managed to bring together teams from 12 different countries, 68 nationalities, to work on global solutions, with the right expertise and working in a collaboratively way to ensure successful and seamless payment experiences globally.

And one our highlighted success story goes as follows!


This initiative’s focus is to create a customer-centric platform where all of the services and channels revolving our customers are envisioned. From the very moment they enter the loop to whenever they are done with the process they operate through a single access-point and experience.

With what brands did we start with?

Getnet; aiming to centralize the touchpoints (e.g.: Chatbots, Email, WhatsApp), marketing layers, and all portals that allow the brand to operate, interact, manage and support the customer transactions.

To achieve this enormous task, we required the involvement of many teams around the globe. These multidisciplinary groups were located across Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, and covered several knowledge areas like architecture and security, infrastructure, onboarding, APIs, identity and business.

Despite the complexity of the required solution, time difference and remote working, we were able to deliver the solution in record time.

With such a variety of expertise and work locations, in order to make decision-making efficient and smooth, we applied our standard methodology: RFC or Request for Comments, a core and widely used element at the PagoNxt Engineering community.

Through an RFC, a team or member can share a proposal publicly and in a structured way, explaining the problem, context, solution and drawbacks. This kicks-off thorough feedback process by the teams until accepted by majority and implemented.

Our WOW teams are constantly looking for ways to better the global payments space for good 🚀

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