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Banking Tech Awards
4th December 2024
Royal Lancaster Hotel

Banking Tech Awards 2023 Finalist: SurePay

SurePay has been selected as a finalist in the Best PayTech Solution Provider for Banks category for their pioneering project, Confirmation of Payee Portal for PSPs in the Banking Tech Awards 2023.


Payments made personal, easy and more secure

SurePay was founded in 2016 and supplies Confirmation of Payee to over 100 banks in the UK and the Netherlands. More than 300 organisations, including insurance companies, municipalities, pension funds and energy companies, also use CoP to mitigate fraud and errors in business processes, such as when onboarding new customers or suppliers.

SurePay has been supplying Confirmation of Payee in the United Kingdom since 2020 and is now the largest vendor. In addition, SurePay is active in several other European countries, including France and Italy. Earlier this year SurePay launched an online portal for UK PSPs

About SurePay

SurePay is the initiator and leading provider of Confirmation of Payee in the UK and IBAN-Name Check in the EU. SurePay's Confirmation of Payee (CoP) service is an innovative, real-time name checking solution that gives UK payers greater assurance that their payments are going to the intended recipient.

By confirming the payee’s name matches with the name on the intended recipient’s bank account, CoP helps avoid mis-directed payments and reduce push payment fraud. Already 40+ UK Banks and Building Societies in the UK are already using our solution. SurePay is fully compliant with Pay.UK’s CoP rules and standards and is successfully handling over 400,000 name checks every day.

in addition to our integrated CoP solution, SurePay developed an online CoP portal:
Banks can now immediately check whether they have the correct customer, supplier or employee details.

How does it work?

  1. Log in or create an account.
  2. Enter Account number & Name for a Single Check or upload a file to check multiple details at once.
  3. Receive the result immediately.
  4. Use the PDF with test result for internal and external evidence

What makes us unique?

  • First party ever to expose CoP via a portal. For both single and file and UK and EU CoP checks.
  • Product led philosophy: our portal makes the product simple and the use understandable. With that it makes fraud and error prevention reachable for more users and new use cases.
  • One of the first real B2B product led platforms in the Fraud/Compliance space → the results are mind blowing

What is happening in the market:

There is a powerful consumerisation trend sweeping across the B2B landscape, where business software is starting to look much more like consumer products. This is a big shift in the fraud & compliance space, colorful icons, emojis, friendly language, easy-to-use interfaces, and habit-forming experiences make B2B products feel like a joyride rather than a slog through the Siberian tundra. (partly taken from:

What SupePay did:
As API first company we knew we had to let clients experience our product to thoroughly understand the benefits. This is why we launched the portal: It's the rise to power of the end-users in B2B organisations! End users used to be an afterthought in B2B software development because all focus was on meeting the enterprise buyer checklist. But no more.

End-user within the companies can now experience our solutions first hand with the next benefits:

Instant results

  • Spend less time on (manual) checks
  • Know immediately if it concerns a joint account
  • Immediate insight into whether Account number & Name match
  • Available 24/7
  • For both single and file checks
  • Both UK and EU Checks
  • Save time, work more efficient, first time right

Safe and secure

  • Portal meets banking security standards
  • Optimises KYC/KYS process
  • Upgrading of account and adding additional features always possible
  • ISAE 3402 compliant

Reduce risk of fraud

  • Know who you are paying to, thanks to the check by name and corresponding Account number/sort code and IBANs (Europe)
  • Direct insight into closed accounts
  • Distinction between business and private accounts of customers and relations
  • Less chance of fraud and mistakes

Results for our customers:

  • Over 10 UK Banks (and many more corporates) use the SurePay portal. At one of the banks, as many as 100 employees use the portal.
    The results that are mentioned:
  • 90% less drop out during onboarding
  • Reduction of more than 80% in fraudulent orders
  • “Checking customer data is now done within seconds, instead of 1-2 weeks”.
  • “The number of invoices that are not paid or canceled in the first month has decreased by more than 25%”


  • Instantly perform CoP checks on UK and EU accounts in the portal
  • Validate personal and business account
  • Clearly displayed account attributes
  • First in the world with one integrated portal to execute checks in the EU and the UK
  • Enjoy the benefits of Pay.UK’s Confirmation of Payee via SurePay
    By performing a Confirmation of Payee on every new customer, supplier or employee, fraud and errors are prevented and costs are saved. Processes become more efficient if payment data is correct all at once.

On top of that, the solution can be offered to corporations through their banks, offering the bank an extra commercial proposition.

Technology and relevant processes

  • Hosted in AWS;
  • Backend built in Java;
  • Modern state of the art Node.JS front-end code
  • Best in class user interactions & intuitive UX
  • Modern and fast API
  • Average response times of 56 milliseconds
  • Availability 99,99%

Please see our website for more information: