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Designing the Green Product Experience

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One of our sister events Voice of the Customer has put together a free webinar which I thought I'd pass along on this blog. Sumi N. Cate, Group Manager of R&D of Clorox and David Pilosof, Director of Consumer Applied Technology at Clorox will be presenting Designing the Green Product Experience on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST. Mention priority code G1M2039W2BL when you register. Here's a brief recap of the webinar:

The emergence of a consumer trend towards sustainable products continues to capture the interest of business leaders and many companies cite a sustainable strategy as one of the key foundations for their growth plans. Our recent consumer research at Clorox indicates that while in general consumers continue to seek 'green' solutions to their needs, they want a healthy and sustainable home without sacrificing performance, value, or having to add complexity to their product use habits.

This presentation will describe a case study based on how Clorox developed tools and frameworks to analyze and leverage consumer's total desired experiences to develop and commercialize an innovative line of natural plant and mineral based cleaning products, GreenWorksTM.

What you will learn by attending:

  • The challenges of framing the right consumer proposition
  • The difficulty of operating in an emerging area without regulatory definitions
  • The complexity of designing for a total consumer experience, beyond product performance
  • The criticality of hitting the mark in the intersect of all critical consumer drivers

As always, check back regularly as we will be posting innovation related webinars here. Register for this webinar here.


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