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Flashback Friday: Video Interview with Alberto Alessi after the 2012 FEI EMEA

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Last year at the Front End of Innovation EMEA, Alberti Alessi, President, Alessi s.p.a. presented "Daring Intuition: Living on the Borderline of Possible and Not Possible."

This event summary deck from Pure Insight details some of the key takeaways from the session (starting at slide 26):

In this video, our conference chair Dr. Peter A. Meier caught up with Alessi to ask him some of the questions we didn't have time for during his dynamic live session.
Watch the video for a behind the scenes peek at the Front End of Innovation EMEA:

For more conversations like this, join Dr. Peter A. Meier as he chairs our 2013 event 4 - 6 March, 2013 in Copenhagen.

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