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Intermobility Expo 2023
November 2025

Digital Day


Programme Overview

The "Intermobility Pro: Innovations in Transport & Fleet Intelligence" program is a transformative initiative focused on the integration of advanced technologies to optimize fleet operations and enhance the overall mobility ecosystem. At its core, the program aims to streamline fleet management by enabling real-time vehicle tracking, predictive maintenance, route optimization, and efficient dispatching. AI and ML techniques play pivotal roles, predicting vehicle health, analyzing traffic patterns, and making data-driven decisions to avoid congestion and minimize travel time.

Moreover, it promotes sustainable mobility by encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and optimizing their charging schedules to ensure uninterrupted operations while reducing carbon footprints. With an eye on the future, this program incorporates autonomous vehicles into fleet management, paving the way for self-driven fleets that can operate around the clock with minimal human intervention.

Against this backdrop, this program aims at creating a paradigm shift, turning traditional fleet operations into smart, efficient, and sustainable systems that meet the mobility needs of tomorrow.


  • To educate and train professionals in the transportation sector about the latest technologies, methodologies, and best practices in intelligent transport and fleet management
  • To foster innovation and creativity in designing and managing smart transportation systems and fleets
  • To promote sustainable and efficient transport solutions that respect the environment and improve the quality of urban life.

Agenda – 19th October 2023

15:00-15:05 – Opening Remarks by the Chairperson - Ahmad Altarawneh, Senior Transformation Consultant, Dubai Police General HQ

15:10-15:30 – Keynote – Unlocking the Future of Mobility: Exploring the Potential of Connected Services

  • How new technologies are creating seamless interconnectivity between vehicles, infrastructure, and users, thus revolutionizing the mobility landscape?
  • Potential of connected services to improve user experience and safety - How the integration of advanced sensors and data analytics can provide personalized and safer travel experiences?
  • Intersection of sustainability and connectivity - How connectivity can contribute to the realization of smart cities and a more sustainable future?

Speaker - Ashley D’souza, Service Sales and Customer Experience Manager, UD trucks

15:35-16:05 – Panel Discussion – Navigating the Future: Comprehensive Strategies for Managing Roads, Fuel, Emissions, Safety, and the Ecosystem

  • What innovative strategies and technologies can we adopt for more efficient road management? How can these tools help us predict and manage traffic, optimize routes, and enhance overall transportation efficiency?
  • How can we leverage advanced technologies and connected services to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions? What role can alternative fuels and electric vehicles play in this transition, and what are the challenges in their adoption at a large scale?
  • What are the latest advancements in ensuring road safety while minimizing the impact on the ecosystem?

Speakers –

  • Masaki Tatsumi, Product Manager, UD Trucks
  • Richard Hall, Director, Transport Overseas Group

16:10-16:40 – Panel Discussion – Fleet Management and the Future of Smart Cities in Delivery Services

  • How can smart fleet management technologies contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of delivery services in rapidly evolving smart cities?
  • What are the key challenges and opportunities that arise when integrating delivery fleets into the smart city infrastructure, and how can these be addressed effectively?
  • In the context of delivery services, what role do emerging technologies like autonomous vehicles and drones play in shaping the future of smart cities, and what are the implications for fleet management?
  • How can public-private collaborations and policy frameworks support the seamless integration of delivery fleets into smart cities while promoting sustainability and reducing congestion?

Speakers –

  • Agam Garg, General Manager, Yango Delivery
  • Mohamed Sadek, Founder, COM-IoT Technologies

16:45-17:05 – Keynote - Innovative Strategies in Fleet Management: Paving the Way for Sustainable Transportation

  • Implementing real-time tracking and analytics to optimize routes
  • Electric & Hybrid vehicles - Integrating renewable energy sources for fleet charging infrastructure
  • Utilizing environmentally friendly products and recycling procedures

Speakers – Adeel Irshad, Chief Operating Officer, EV TECHNOLOGY - SUR INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT GROUP

17:05-17:10 – Closing Remarks and Close of Event