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Learn New Online Research Approaches to Product Naming in the Ideation Process

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Join us for a free webinar. Please note the different times to accomodate European and United States attendees.


Join us for a Free Webinar
Thursday, December 4th from 3:00 to 4:00pm GMT
Please mention priority code: MWS0016Buzz
Space is limited.Reserve your Webinar seat now at:https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/364040865

Join us for a Free Webinar
Thursday, December 4th from 2:00-3:00 EST
Please mention priority code: MWS0016Buzz

Space is limited.Reserve your Webinar seat now at:https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/694919174
About the web seminar:
Naming can be a particularly challenging part of the new product development process and there are different research needs depending on what stage you are at in the process, e.g., ideation, evaluation or selection. In this webinar, using case study examples, we will explore three innovative online techniques that address the different challenges in each of these stages.
IDQ, an online interactive ideation process in which consumers create and evaluate names in real time in response to a product concept. We'll demonstrate how we generated and sorted hundreds of names in a very short period of time.
'eCollage, a highly engaging online quantitative exercise in which respondents create an online collage that communicates what a name means to them and the imagery and associations it evokes. This enables us to go beyond a name's obvious descriptive and feature-focused characteristics to its underlying emotions and associations.
Configurator, a unique building platform for gaining quantitative understanding of naming options in context. Using this technique, names are presented in an online interactive exercise where respondents select the preferred name, icon, color and other packaging elements. Respondents decide which are most appealing and meaningful to them when imagining the products on shelf and then provide insight into why they prefer those elements.
What you will learn by attending:
New, fast and effective research methodologies that address different types of research goals in naming.

i. Name ideation: IDQ engages respondents in an exercise that generates hundreds of new name possibilities - and provides an initial evaluation and stratification of those names.

ii. Name Imagery and Communications: eCollage helps you understand emotions, images and associations that respondents have to certain names.

iii. Name selection: Configurator engages respondents in an inactive exercise that requires them to select one of several name options and then build other packaging elements around that name.

About the speaker

Brendan Light, SVP, Research and Product Development, BuzzBack Market Research

Brendan leads research development and best-practices for BuzzBack. In addition to continually improving the quality of the quantitative and qualitative methodologies and analytics of BuzzBack's research offerings, he pioneered BuzzBack's award-winning and patent-pending eCollage and Verbatim Viewer and leads the future development and research strategy for BuzzBack. He continues to focus on leveraging the transformative powers of the Internet to evolve respondent engagement, operational efficiency, and visualization of analytics and insight. Brendan has over 15 years of client and research supplier side experience, having also served as Research Director for Grey Interactive and as the Global Director of Ipsos-ASI Interactive.
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