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Live from #Insights2Innovate: Why make the Internet of Things?

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Palo Alto Research Center logo. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Why make the Internet of Things? is what Mike Kuniavsky, designer at PARC, a Xerox Company, discussed this afternoon at Front End of Innovation and Consumer Insights Canada.

Some of the exciting things they are working are printing flexible electronics, content-centric networking, cleantech and biomedical systems.

PARC in many ways predicted IoTUbiquitous Computing.

- Information processing is cheap. In 1989 a processor was $1,700 today in 2014, it's costs $.30.

- Networking is pervasive.

Wireless in the world from Timo on Vimeo.

IoT is very confusing. The original definition was "physical objects are like data packets, the supply chain is the internet." Around 2010, it was more like "physical objects send packets directly through the internet" more like ubiquitous computing concept.

For Mike, it's: Distributed computing + pervasive computing + automatic identification + and cheap, creating a network of knowledge via the cloud.

The implications are incredibly broad: shifts in core leading to relationships between customers, devices, developers, tools, and companies and value.

A shift from generic to specialized devices and software.

A shift from the value of your computer now is remote.

A Shift for the way developers to create their tools.

A shift for companies and their value chain.

Make the objects in our world more valuable in the services they provide.


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