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PayTech Awards USA

Entry tips

All the information you need to submit a winning nomination

Writing a winning application

  1. Understand the criteria: Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the criteria for the award category you're applying to. Tailor your application to address each criterion effectively.

  2. Be clear and concise: Write in clear, concise language, avoiding jargon or overly technical terms. Ensure your application is easy to understand for the judges.

  3. Focus on impact: Emphasize the impact of your project, product, service, individual, or team. Clearly articulate the problem you addressed, the solution implemented, and the measurable benefits or outcomes achieved.

  4. Provide evidence: Back up your claims with solid evidence, such as statistics, metrics, case studies, or testimonials. Concrete data lends credibility to your application and demonstrates the tangible results of your efforts.

  5. Tell a compelling story: Craft a compelling narrative that captivates the judges and highlights the uniqueness and significance of your initiative. Share anecdotes, success stories, and real-world examples to illustrate your achievements.

  6. Tailor to the category: Customize your application to fit the specific requirements of the award category. Address each aspect of the nomination criteria and ensure your application aligns with the focus and objectives of the award.

  7. Avoid promotion: Steer clear of promotional language, marketing materials, or sales pitches. Focus on presenting factual information and meaningful insights rather than using buzzwords or exaggerated claims.

  8. Be authentic: Be genuine and transparent in your application. Highlight your strengths, accomplishments, and contributions honestly and authentically. Judges appreciate sincerity and integrity in award submissions.

  9. Proofread and edit: Thoroughly proofread and edit your application for grammar, spelling, and clarity. A well-polished and error-free submission reflects professionalism and attention to detail.