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PayTech Awards USA


What are the PayTech Awards USA?

The PayTech Awards USA recognize excellence and innovation in the banking, financial technology, and payment sectors. These awards celebrate outstanding achievements across various categories, including projects, products, services, individuals, and teams.

Who can apply for the PayTech Awards USA?

Banks, financial institutions, payment institutions, fintechs, paytechs, technology and services providers, as well as individuals and teams, are eligible to apply for the PayTech Awards USA. Nominees must have projects, products, services, or contributions located in the United States.

What are the nomination criteria for the PayTech Awards USA?

Nomination criteria vary depending on the award category. Generally, nominations should demonstrate innovation, impact, and excellence in their respective fields. Specific criteria for each category are outlined on the awards website.

How can I submit a nomination for the PayTech Awards USA?

Nominations must be submitted online via the awards portal. Simply complete the nomination form, ensuring all required information is provided. You can save, review, and edit your nomination before final submission.

Is there a fee to submit a nomination?

Yes, there is a nomination fee associated with submitting entries for the PayTech Awards USA. The fee per nomination is $149 in one category, or $129 if submitted before May 3rd. This fee covers the processing of nominations and is due regardless of nomination outcome.

Can I submit multiple nominations for the same project or individual?

Yes, you can submit multiple nominations for the same project, product, service, individual, or team. However, each nomination should be tailored to its specific category and must meet the criteria outlined for that category.

How are the winners selected for the PayTech Awards USA?

Winners are meticulously chosen by an independent and unbiased panel of expert judges with extensive experience in the banking technology sector. These judges assess entries solely based on the comprehensive information provided within each nomination. They diligently review submissions, considering factors such as innovation, impact, and effectiveness, all backed by results supported by factual information. This rigorous process ensures that winners are truly deserving of recognition for their outstanding achievements in payment technology.

When will the winners of the PayTech Awards USA be announced?

The winners and highly commended entries will be announced at a ceremony, the venue, date, and time of which will be confirmed and communicated to all participants. Keep an eye on the awards website for updates and announcements.

Are the details provided in the nominations kept confidential?

Yes, the information provided in nominations is treated as confidential by the PayTech Awards USA team and judges. However, names of shortlisted, highly commended, and winning entries may be published on the awards website and other relevant platforms.

Do the nominated organizations and individuals need to be publicly disclosed for the PayTech Awards USA?

Yes, transparency is crucial. The names of the nominated organizations and individuals must be on the record for the PayTech Awards USA. This ensures credibility and accountability in the nomination process.

What should I include in the nomination?

  1. Comprehensive Information: Ensure that the main entry contains all relevant details necessary for the judges to thoroughly assess the submission. Include specifics about the project, product, service, individual, or team being nominated, highlighting key features, functionalities, and achievements.

  2. Facts and Figures: Provide factual information supported by tangible results, such as metrics, data analytics, or performance indicators. Avoid using marketing buzzwords, sales brochures, or pitch decks, and instead focus on presenting clear and coherent facts that demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of the entry.

  3. Innovation and Impact: Clearly articulate how the entry demonstrates innovation within the banking technology sector and the positive impact it has had on stakeholders, whether it be customers, clients, or the industry as a whole.

  4. Supporting Evidence: Include any relevant supporting evidence, such as case studies, customer testimonials, or industry recognition, that further validates the success and significance of the entry.

What should I not to include in the nomination?

  1. Marketing Buzzwords: Avoid using vague or overused marketing buzzwords that lack substance or meaningful context. Stick to providing factual information and concrete examples to support the nomination.
  2. Sales Brochures: Refrain from including promotional materials, sales pitches, or overly promotional language in the nomination. Judges are looking for unbiased assessments based on factual evidence rather than marketing rhetoric.
  3. Pitch Decks: Do not include pitch decks or presentations intended for marketing or sales purposes. Focus instead on presenting a comprehensive overview of the entry that highlights its key features, achievements, and impact.
  4. External/Additional Documents: While supporting evidence is encouraged, avoid including excessive external documents, links to press releases, or supplementary materials that are not directly relevant to the main entry. Judges should be able to assess the nomination based on the information provided within the submission itself.

Can I contact the PayTech Awards USA team if I have further questions?

Absolutely! If you have any additional questions or need assistance with your nomination, you can contact the PayTech Awards USA team via We're here to help!