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Tawdheef x Zaheb
19 - 21 November 2024

ADNEC Centre Abu Dhabi
Hall 11 & ICC
9:00am - 4:00pm


As the UAE strives to consolidate a knowledge-based economy, Tawdheef is committed to aligning its efforts toward achieving the country’s long-term and sustainable economic development.

Through fostering Emirati competencies and bringing forth inestimable resources, Tawdheef aims to leverage the nation’s workforce and help position both UAE talents and organisations for fulfilling Emiratisation sustenance.

What is Emiratisation?

Arising from a very ambitious program of modernisation and business growth goals, the UAE government was driven to adopt a more flexible immigration policy which led to an increase of foreign workers in the country. As a result, expatriates now constitute the majority of the workforce. According to Vision2021, only 7.6% of the total UAE workforce are Emiratis.               .

The Emiratisation plan in the UAE is a government initiative mandating the employment of Emiratis in a meaningful manner in both the public and private sectors. Its aim is to raise the number of Emiratis in the UAE workforce and therefore increase their contribution to the national economy.

As the UAE national engagement should drive the engine of business growth and capital reform, it was only imperative that more Emiratis be encouraged to join the UAE workforce. Amidst the UAE’s Vision 2030, Emiratisation was referred to as one of the main pillars and key performance indicators of the country’s economic progress and vision’s success.


In essence, Emiratisation is a strategy that seeks to use the country's human resources in the most favourable way through fostering the skills and knowledge of UAE nationals. Emiratization refers to the UAE government’s policies to develop local talent for public and private sector jobs, seeking to include more Emiratis within key businesses within the UAE. The UAE government’s commitment and support for Emiratisation initiatives are strong, as it continues to invest significant resources towards achieving its strategic goals.

Emiratisation Law & Policy

The UAE government enacted an action policy that affirmed providing additional hiring to UAE nationals alongside expatriates in order to preserve national identity, economic sustainability, and political stability, enhancing the employment of its citizens and entailing fair assimilation into the UAE workforce.

The value of Emiratisation

There is a need to develop local talent alongside the expat workforce in order to continually push creativity and entrepreneurship, so the UAE government has entailed various laws and regulations to ensure sustainable employment of UAE citizens and assimilation within the workforce. In particular, Emiratisation in the private sector through preferential hiring of Emiratis contributes toward fairer employment opportunities and the long-term sustenance of the wider nation.

Empowering young Emirati talents

As much as Emiratisation holds substantial benefits to Emirati citizens, it is much more promising to younger future generations of Emirati prospects. From career awareness programmes by promoting industry careers in schools and universities to internships, career orientation and development plans, these numerous efforts are manifested from the earlier stages to guarantee effectiveness.

Encouraging the participation of Emirati women in the workforce

Emiratisation in the UAE aims to foster national Emirati women into employment. Women’s contribution to the workforce is critical to the strategic and economic development of the GCC states. Consequently, an increase in women’s educational attainment and hiring and retaining women in the UAE labour market are all contributing factors to the success of the UAE’s vision.

Supporting diversity and inclusion in the UAE labour market

Emiratisation seeks to promote a culture of inclusion and demographic diversity with a focus on Emirati talents through partnering with the local and global private sector in efforts to increase the number of Emiratis working and contributing to businesses within the UAE.

Helping multinational organisations (private sectors) become a global and local force supporting the UAE

The Emirati talent pool being a part of the broader private sector is of immense value. By increasing the percentage of Emiratis in the UAE job market, the Emirates get to be a conduit of change contributing to the country’s economic growth.

In line with these efforts, the private sector has joined forces with the government to realise their Emiratisation potential and offered various national employability programmes which train Emirati nationals to empower their competencies to build fulfilling sustainable careers.

Tawdheef x Zaheb Emiratisation Efforts

Leveraging a Knowledge Economy with Tawdheef x Zaheb

Building a competitive knowledge economy driven by the potential of nationals is one of the six pillars of UAE Vision 2030. By enriching the capabilities of UAE citizens and enhancing their employability, Emiratis are empowered to be a driving force of the UAE's economic development, capturing the essence of Emiratisation’s achievement role.

Tawdheef x Zaheb aims to boost Emiratisation’s goals and reinforce the labour nationalisation approach - championing sustainability - by enabling UAE citizens to further enhance their skillset and connectivity through a set of resources made for both potential career seekers and organisations alike.

Tawdheef x Zaheb Career Exhibition

Combining the best of both worlds, not only is the Tawdheef x Zaheb exhibition a viable networking opportunity for the UAE citizens and companies to cultivate synergies, but it is also a means and a stepping stone toward realising Emiratisation and the country’s socio-economic progress in line with UAE’s vision.

Tawdheef x Zaheb aims to accelerate the UAE’s transition into a knowledge-based economy through technology-based innovation, research and development.

Whether you’re an Emirati member of the UAE’s workforce or a public or private company in the UAE, Tawdheef x Zaheb has a wealth of tools and resources for you to utilise and further your organisation and professional trajectory.

Find out more about UAE’s leading Emiratisation Platform

Through our commitment to Emiratisation in the UAE, we offer valuable and impactful resources to nurture and upskill the UAE’s workforce and propel its citizens toward achieving their career goals. From young Emirati talents and fresh graduates to entrepreneurs and professionals, discover immersive and interactive world-class programmes at your disposal through attending Tawdheef.


Pioneer is a tailored initiative to help support aspiring Emirati entrepreneurs and SMEs. Through showcasing your idea and project in a competition format at the venue, you don’t only get to network with key decision makers and experts in the field but also potentially win recognition for your solution. It is the ideal platform for young Emiratis to get their names noticed amongst prominent professionals in the UAE business world.

Empowerment Stage

For UAE nationals who want to take their career to the next level, taking part in Empowerment Stage will boost your professional success. With keynote speeches and interactive performances, you will be engaged and empowered to career fulfilment through participation and networking. 

Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources for Emirati Graduates

  • Speak to an expert about employment opportunities under Emiratisation schemes.
  • Get advice and insights directly from reputed organisations in UAE.

Helpful Resources for Organisations

  • Meet and interact with Emirati graduates and talent.
  • Make connections with prominent government agencies at the event.

Taking Part: How can you get involved?

Empower UAE Nationals

Discover a pool of qualified and diverse innovative Emirati talents and meet your Emiratisation goals with Tawdheef’s career exhibition.

Catapult a Professional Future

Explore tailored offerings made to foster UAE citizens. Realise your potential, leverage your skills and step onto the path of your future career with an abundance of resources offered at Tawdheef.