Enlighten, inspire, and learn to build a culture of innovation that disrupts your industry.

The Back End of Innovation Event will help YOU get your ideas to market.

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In 1928, Otto Rohwedder introduced the first automatic bread slicing machine. It was the best thing since, well, sliced bread. But it wasn't until almost 15 years later, when Wonder Bread started marketing pre-packaged sliced bread that the invention took off. Ideas aren't enough. Ideas need to be commercialized.

This October in Boston, The Back End of Innovation Event will help YOU get your ideas to market.

It will do even more than that. It will help your organization create a sustainable and repeatable innovation. BEI is all about execution. This event explores the people, the process, and the partner's involved in the system.

BEI is more than an event. It's where the entire innovation process comes to life, from leadership & organizational structure, to portfolio management & processes, to managing the eco-system of suppliers, to commercialization, and finally to marketing and launching a product a service.

Highlights from this year's program:


- Solving the Jigsaw Puzzle of Development: Creating a Sustainable Innovation Culture - John Ruckart, AT&T and Dr. Stefan Uhrlandt, JOHNSON & JOHNSON MEDICAL GmbH

- Driving Results Through a Pervasive Innovation Culture - Moderator: Luis Solis, IMAGINATIK PLC

- Using Diversity to Boost Innovation: Practical Cases from Switzerland - Mieville Laurent, UNIVERSITY OF GENEVA

- Working with Customers to Inform New Product Design - Erin Satterwhite, 3M COMPANY


- Open Source Partner Strategy - Jennifer Kim Field, UNITED NATIONs FOUNDATION

- Partnership that Match Corporate Objectives: Lessons from the Leaders - Dr. Gene Slowinski, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY

- Strategic Partnership to Help Deliver Corporate Objectives - Owen Carryl, AVERY DENNISON


- Rapid Prototyping: Building to Think, All the way to Launch - Scott Mackie, IDEO and Dave Weissburg, IDEO

- Energy Innovation Accelerator - Mark Bellamy, GE ENERGY

- Sleeping Well Through the Nights: The "HOW-TO" of Improving Manageability & Reducing Failure Risks of Innovation Execution by an Order of Magnitude - Greg Yezersky, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN INSITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL INNOVATORS

- Knowledge Supply Chain - Matthew Hamilton, WELLSPRING WORLDWIDE, INC. and Russel M. Walters, JOHNSON & JOHNSON CONSUMER PRODUCT WORLDWIDE


- Commercial Success Probability - Michael Lynch, NASCAR and Jeff Beck, SPARC

- Seek Opportunities Achieve Results - Kevin R. Lassila, BYK USA, Inc.

- Emerging Markets, Reaching the New Billon, Innovation & India - Dr. Simone Ajhuja, UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL

Visit our website and download the brochure to see full session descriptions and speaker list.

BEI explores Innovation in practice that will prepare you with new skill sets, talents and leadership to PUSH innovation further in your organization.

We look forward to seeing you in Boston!

The Back End of Innovation Team

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Email: register@iirusa.com
Phone: 888.670.8200

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