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#TMREandMe: Cindy Casper, Arizona State University Enterprise Marketing Hub

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In the very first post of our TMRE and Me interview series, we sat down with our loyal The Market Research Event (TMRE) Ambassador Cindy Casper, who is the Managing Director of Knowledge and Insights, Enterprise Marketing Hub at Arizona State University. TMRE and Me is an interview series that highlights reasons why our long-time attendees keep coming back for more TMRE content, experience, and networking every single year.

Here’s what she shared with us about why she returns to TMRE year after year:

Why are you attending TMRE this year?  

Casper: Since I work for a non-profit organization (a public university), I limit my conference attendance to those with a clear return on investment.  I have found over the years of attending TMRE and other conferences when I was in the retailing sector that TMRE offers the greatest breadth of learning across industries, methodologies and subject matter experts.

What do you love most about TMRE?  

Casper: Although the content is the “rational driver,” the emotional driver is connecting with others who are interested in solving the same types of challenges to understanding human behavior.  I am able to reconnect with colleagues and vendor partners from the past 25+ years in the industry as well as meet new insights professionals.

Why did you attend your very first year?  

Casper: My first year was right after having come back to marketing research after a several year hiatus where I was more focused on transactional data. It was a great way to immerse myself in all of the new techniques and solution providers.

What makes TMRE stand out from other market research conferences? 

Casper: That it’s not just marketing research, but multiple sources of insights. I also believe it is the largest client-side attendance, which maximizes the number of people in roles similar to mine that I can learn from.

What is your favorite TMRE memory?  

Casper: Many years ago, I had a “this is your life” experience where there was a social gathering where I ended up standing among a group of people who each knew me from a different point in my career. I had a great sense of belonging to a community that was ever evolving but also rooted in common experiences. 

Why would you recommend a colleague attending TMRE in the future?

Casper: I would recommend TMRE to someone who could benefit from learning a new insights technique, be inspired by a case study or find others with a shared interest to partner with.

Want to experience TMRE for yourself? Attend this year’s event taking place November 5-7, 2019 at The Mirage in Las Vegas, NV. Learn more here!

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