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Where the Trillion Dollar Opportunities Lie and How We Will Solve Humanity's Grand Challenges

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Many argue that innovation had peaked, that the best days of humanity are behind us. This couldn't be further from the truth. This will be the most innovative decade in human history. And the next decades will be even more so. A range of technologies are rapidly evolving and converging that will make it possible to solve some of the world's grand challenges. Advances in fields such as robotics, AI , computing, synthetic biology, 3D printing, medicine and nano-materials are allowing small teams to do what was once only possible by governments and large corporations.

At FEI 2013, keynote Vivek Wadwah- Director of Research at the Center for Entrepreneurship at Pratt School of Engineering, and VP of Academics and Innovation at Singularity University- discusses why he believes that world with abundant energy, food, and water is possible, and unveils opportunities for entrepreneurs to make this change happen.

AT FEI, The World Leader in Advancing Innovation, we challenge you to be a part of this change, with two conferences ready to help you transform uncertainty into opportunity.

FEI 2013: Front End of Innovation

May 6-8 Boston, MA

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FEI EMEA: Front End of Innovation

March 4-6 Copenhagen, Denmark

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The world's leading Authors and Executives Come Together to Achieve More:
Denise Morrison, President & CEO, Campbell Soup Company (FEI 2013)
George Buckley, Executive Chairman of the Board, recently retired President & CEO, 3M (FEI EMEA)
Wim Elfrink, SVP and Chief Globalization Officer, Cisco (FEI 2013)
Vince Voron, Head of Design, Coca-Cola North America (FEI EMEA)
Nelson Farris, Chief Storyteller, Director, Culture & Heritage (FEI 2013)
Jean-Michel Cossery, Chief Marketing Officer, GE Healthcare (FEI EMEA)
and hundreds more'

We hope you will join us at the above events, where the world's greatest minds are challenged to achieve more.

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