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Biocontrol & Biostimulants LATAM
29 - 31 July 2024
Royal Palm Hall, Campinas, Sao Paulo State, Brazil



ANPII – National Association of Producers and Importers of Inoculants is the official representative entity of the productive sector of BIOLOGICAL INOCULANTS FOR AGRICULTURE, TOGETHER WITH THE Ministry of Agriculture – MAPA, official research entities, such as Embrapa, higher education institutions and society in general.

ANPII's main focus is on the development and enhancement of the technology of BIOLOGICAL INOCULANTS, whether through microorganisms for Biological Nitrogen Fixation, or associative microorganisms for the Promotion of Plant Growth, as a fundamental tool for a modern agriculture, balanced with environmental preservation and agronomically, economically and socially.

Founded in 1990, since the beginning of its activities, ANPII has been very clear that BIOLOGICAL NITROGEN FIXATION and PROMOTION OF PLANT GROWTH are strategic technologies for sustainable agriculture.

The history of ANPII has been marked by important contributions to the growth of BIOLOGICAL INOCULANTS FOR AGRICULTURE in several axes. ANPII’s role as an official representative to MAPA ensured the construction of a modern and safe legislation, allowing the productive sector to offer the market efficient and increasingly innovative products, with cutting-edge biotechnology applied to sustainable agriculture.

Together with official research, especially by Embrapa, ANPII has enabled several studies that today make the BIOLOGICAL INOCULANTS sector more diverse, democratic and comprehensive, with more than 60 companies developing and placing on the market bioinputs that benefit farmers, the environment and society.

ANPII's remarkable presence in scientific events, agricultural fairs and spaces for discussion of the direction of agriculture, together with its free distance learning program, have provided the greatest understanding and knowledge about the TECHNOLOGY OF BIOLOGICAL INOCULANTS and its benefits for agronomy, agriculture and the economy of Brazil.

Much has already been done and there is much to be done so that BIOLOGICAL INOCULANTS FOR AGRICULTURE are even more present in Brazilian and world agriculture and contribute to the sustainability of agricultural production.