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BIO-Europe Spring
3 days in-person. 3 days virtually.
March 20–22, 2023 | Basel, SwitzerlandMarch 28–30, 2023 | Digital


EBD Group is committed to running events which are both environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. Please review the information below to learn more about our sustainability efforts and the steps you can take to make a difference.


For every 30 meeting requests attendees respond to we will plant one mangrove tree – a project we can all enjoy supporting, as a part of our wider commitment to delivering a sustainable event.

We are excited to be supporting the Million Mangroves project. Mangroves– trees that live on the edge of land and sea – provide crucial wildlife habitats, are an excellent carbon sink (four times more than a rainforest), protect the coast from flooding and erosion and also provide local communities with a key source of food and income. In recent years many vital mangrove habitats have been destroyed, but by supporting their restoration you can help us reinstate these wonderful, hard-working trees that are helping combat the challenges of climate change.

It’s more polite to decline than ignore a request. Help us to drive up the meeting response rate and do good at the same time!


We know sustainability is important to our attendees and exhibitors and our market as a whole. Not only are we committed to running our event in an environmentally and socially responsible way, but we also want to go further and inspire the sustainable development of the industry we serve. By connecting people with relevant networks and knowledge at our event, we’re helping them solve some of the sector's biggest challenges to ensure long-term, sustainable growth.

BIO-Europe Spring has been developed in line with an industry-leading event sustainability program, focusing on: 

  • Inspiring sustainable development  

  • Running an environmentally responsible event  

  • Running a socially responsible event  


Inspiring sustainable development

We focus on: 

  • Using our content and partnerships to help support the sustainability of the market our event serves. 

  • Inspiring our suppliers, exhibitors and other stakeholders to deliver a sustainable event   

Our efforts include: 

  • Optimizing partneringONE as a driver for innovation within the life science industry to enable attendees to partner with anyone around the globe
  • Facilitating innovation by encouraging startups to attend our events and offering startup programming, startup presentation tracks and program sessions with Academic Innovators and Nextgen Companies
  • A long-standing relationship with Global Genes, a non-profit organization to support patient-industry interaction
  • Activity clubs are affiliated with a donation to Wings for Life, a not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation

Running an environmentally responsible event

We focus on: 

  • Reducing our event’s carbon emissions 

  • Creating less waste 

  • Sourcing regional and season food options

  • Considering the sustainability credentials of the items sourced for the event 

Our efforts include: 

  • Avoiding physical mailings referring to the conference and use digital signage wherever possible
  • Making significant efforts to reduce food waste by anticipating precise numbers. 

  • Creating menus as seasonal and regional as possible, and have reduced meat overall 

Running a socially responsible event

We focus on: 

  • Doing business safely and ethically 

  • Ensuring our event is a welcoming environment for all  

  • Considering wellbeing and accessibility 

  • Creating a positive impact on our host cities 

Our efforts include: 

  • Offering Break n' Breathe sessions live and on-demand
  • Offering several activity groups to participate in (Strava Club, Biotech Bikers)
  • Focus on creating diverse program sessions


Here are our top tips on how you can help make this event even more sustainable.  

  1. Reduce the brightness of your screen and remember to hibernate your computer when not in use to help reduce your energy usage. 
  2. Take regular breaks and get away from your screen for a minute to stretch your legs, staying hydrated and having a healthy snack will improve your ability to get the most out of the event. 
  3. Consider eating seasonal and regional foods and maybe less meat overall, it’s good for you and for the planet!
  4. Be aware of our code of conduct and help us ensure a welcoming atmosphere of respect for all 


Our mission is to give our colleagues, the markets we serve, and our wider communities access to extraordinary people and diverse insights that brings us together and celebrates authenticity. Through our live and data-driven digital services, we cultivate connections, provide meaningful content, and strive to remain a global leader. We celebrate unique perspectives and sharing all ideas within a safe and transparent environment. We believe in sustainability and continuous learning as it strengthens everything from our people, our products and our markets. We understand that to be more, we need to do more. Together, we will continue to listen, innovate, and act as a driver of change to build a business that reflects the communities we connect.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can make a huge difference to your well-being and physical and mental performance, whether in the office, at home, or at an in-person event. 

Check out our tips on how to make the most of virtual events: 

  • Start your day off right with some light exercise, yoga, meditation or stretching 

  • Stay hydrated throughout the event with regular water breaks or other healthy options like fruit juice or tea 

  • Take regular screen breaks between sessions, stretch, get up from your desk and move around 

  • Don’t miss our break n' breathe sessions during the event. This live session will guide you through some simple breathing techniques, movement and light stretches. Increased energy levels are guaranteed. This session is for all and no prerequisites or prior experience are required. Standing and seated (chair) positions only.


Our event is part of Informa Connect and the Informa Group.  Sustainability at Informa focuses on the long term impacts we have on customers, colleagues, the communities we work in and the environment.   

Many of our stakeholders are clearly telling us that sustainability (social, economic and environmental) is something that is no longer a nice to have but a necessary part of any event.  We want to make sure we’re meeting those expectations and we believe that being sustainable is the right thing to do.  

We also recognize that it’s not just about the way we produce our events and products but recognizing that we have a role to play in providing a space to work in partnership together with our markets to inspire the sustainable development of the industries we serve.  This is an ongoing process for us and we’re looking for ideas of how we can improve.   

More information about our work so far can be found on including our latest sustainability reports. 

Informa and its events have received numerous awards and recognition including:


Would you like to work with us on the sustainability of our event? Would you like to share your own story and efforts? Got an idea? Contact the event team or reach out to Informa’s sustainability team for more information: