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BioProcess International US West
Mark Your Calendar for BPI US West 2024!
March 11-14, 2024Town and Country Resort, San Diego
Mark Your Calendar for BPI US West 2024!
March 11-14, 2024,
Town and Country Resort, San Diego

Next Generation CAR & T Cell Therapies Track

CAR, T, and Emerging Cell Lines: Improve the safety, efficacy, and reach of your novel CAR modalities through translational science and cutting edge clinic data

The learning continues with us long after the conference ends...

Did you know that your pass would allow you access to ALL of our conference tracks? You will also receive 12 months of access to the presentation recordings across all tracks.

Novel Technological Advances & Applications to Help You Revolutionize Early Phase Development

Join companies like Capstan Therapeutics, Atara Biotherapeutics, Lyell Immunopharma, Inc., AppiaBio, Kite Pharma, iCell Gene Therapeutics, ArsenalBio, Carisma Therapeutics, Sana Biotech.

Current Clinical/Pre-Clinical Progress

  • NEW Topic Session for 2024
  • Deep dive into emerging research that is pushing the boundaries of efficacy and safety in the CAR & T cell field
  • Fast-track your CAR product with strategies to navigate clinical development, from concept to market

Overcoming Challenges of Persistence & Durability

  • NEW Topic Session for 2024
  • Re-Engineer your product by harnessing the power of Gamma-Delta T cells for improved tumour degradation
  • Discover innovative strategies to overcome resistance and ensure long-term success for CAR-T therapy

Exploring Alternative Approaches

  • Investigate the promise of EBV T-cells, macrophages, and more modalities to improve outcomes for patients
  • Uncover the potential of "off-the-shelf" cell therapies for faster, more accessible treatment.
  • Explore the landscape of the emerging diverse therapeutic arsenal beyond ‘traditional’ CAR-T

Advances in Solid Tumour Targeting

  • Break through solid tumour hurdles with unique strategies such as armoured CAR-iNKT Cells
  • Employ cutting-edge CAR designs to hit tumours from multiple angles with dual-targeting
  • Learn to fuel the fight through optimisation of CAR-T metabolism for peak performance

Improving Applications

  • NEW Topic Session for 2024
  • Predict and prevent detrimental side effects by gaining insight into early detection and management with CAR-T biomarkers
  • Discover how small molecules can enhance the power and precision of your CAR & T cell based therapy.

Beyond Oncology

  • EXPANDED Topic Session for 2024
  • Discover the potential of repurposing your CAR-T technology to tackle a multitude of disease indications
  • Journey through new approaches to regulate the immune system using modalities such as Tregs

Developments for in vivo approaches

  • NEW Topic Session for 2024
  • Explore revolutionary methods for manipulating the immune system directly within the body.
  • Dodge manufacturing hurdles with pioneering targeted in vivo delivery of the genes needed for CAR-T

Considerations for Novel Therapies

  • NEW Discussion for 2024
  • Gain insights from our experts on navigating the regulatory landscape for novel therapeutics
  • Explore strategies to build trust, bridge the gap and address scepticisms to improve public confidence in emerging CGTs
  • Overcome misconceptions and empower patients with knowledge, to allow your novel therapeutics to reach their full potential