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September 21-24, 2020
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC),
Boston, MA

The cell and gene therapy conference for ground breaking bioprocessing, manufacturing & supply chain strategies

World renowned leaders share the latest technologies & commercialization techniques to revolutionize your cell, gene and CAR-T clinical and late stage programs

Thanks to everyone who attended in 2019! We look forward to seeing you in 2020!


Clinical and Early Stage CAR T Cell and Gene Therapy Advances
  • Push the boundaries of CD19 with solid tumours, combination therapies and safety switches
  • Transition technologies from bench to bedside: CRISPR, Exosomes and more..
  • Understand how to build a sustainable process early on for optimum clinical translation
Cell and Gene Therapy Bioprocessing
  • Build a strategy for monitoring quality across your process with PAT and automated analytics
  • Get to grips with technologies and novel platforms for efficient upstream and downstream processes
  • Simplify manufacturing automation and prepare for commercialization
Cell & Gene Therapy Commercialization
  • Work towards industry 4.0 – integrating manufacturing and delivery into healthcare
  • Optimise the way you work with external partners to drive commercialization
  • Ensure profitability with forward thinking in facility design and scalability strategies
Supply Chain Barriers: Upstream and Downstream Considerations
  • Improve confidence in your raw material supply chain – vectors, risk mitigation and more
  • Stay up to date on cryo considerations when moving from clinical to commercial phase manufacturing
  • Prepare for successful delivery to patients & supply chain scale up
Cell and Gene Therapy Connect – Partnering Track
  • Keep abreast of the evolving landscape of cell and gene therapies
  • Tackle collaboration – new outsourcing models, when to make the decision to ‘spin out’ and more
  • Dive into pharmacoeconomic approaches to reimbursement
Bio fabrication – The Path to Commercialization: With ARMI
  •  Benefit from peer experience with automated manufacturing for Tissue Engineered Medical Products (TEMPs)
  • Reduce COGS with modular processes & tools for manufacturing TEMPs at scale
  • Be a part of the burgeoning supply chain for Tissue Engineered Medical Products industry


I am a Pioneer

- An innovator who has been in the industry since conception and wants to put theory into practice

Why should I attend?

- Hear from small emerging biotechs who are pitching big ideas

- Hear from small emerging biotech's who are pitching big ideas

- Benchmark, network & meet peers and tech providers through the one-to-one meeting tool


- Fairly new to the cell and gene therapy community with previous experience with MAb's and other modalities

Why should I attend?

- Hear how the industry think to apply my experience in the space

- Understand the industry landscape and where the gaps lie

- Have the opportunity for exposure, collaboration and success


- I bring thought leadership to the table I have a clear definition of what the industry issues are

Why should I attend?

- Get access to all the key stakeholders in industry

- Gain authority in the field through building my personal brand

- Get an unrivaled opportunity to present cutting edge scientific data

2019 Number Crunching

attendees hit Boston in 2019 - Let's make this year bigger and better
companies represented in 2019 - Were you one of them?
of in depth content in specific fields


A week-long series of free webinars with live Q&A continues to connect cell and gene therapy leaders throughout the year from the comfort of your desk, hear the latest updates from leading industry speakers and gain an insight into some of the most innovative topics and research. 

Don't miss out this year's DIGITAL WEEK: 13-16 APRIL 2020


Benchmark against your peers

Therapeutic developers face real challenges with regards to scaling up, establishing safe and reproducible manufacturing and supply chains as well as pricing and reimbursement – make sure you aren’t the one being left behind.

The process is the product

How you manufacture your product can sink or swim your business. What’s the point in building a product that costs more to make than it does to sell, or is only stable for 8hrs when it takes 10hrs to get it from the patient to the manufacturing facility?

Be a Leader

Companies continue to partner and work together in developing novel approaches to rare diseases – are you one of the ones driving the industry forward?

CONNECT WITH KEY BUYERS AT Cell & Gene Therapy 2020 in Boston

Whether you're increasing your company profile, launching a new product or focusing on new business development opportunities, collaborate with us to identify custom solutions to help you reach your goals.  

(Companies A-L) Contact Kristin Skahan: | +1-857-504-6730 

(Companies M-Z) Contact Perri Lucatello: | +44 (0)20 7017 7247 

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