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May 21-23, 2024
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What problems do the 2023 demo companies solve?

See products and solutions to grow your business.


1Kosmos unifies identity proofing and passwordless MFA for financial services organizations in an effort to prevent account fraud, account takeover and transaction fraud.


9Spokes Track, a small business banking platform for banks and financial institutions, addresses the lack of business intelligence solutions to better understand financial health and risk profiles of small business banking customers.

AI Squared

AI Squared’s AI/ML integration platform for financial service AI leaders and product owners addresses high costs, long integration times, and the lack of AI adoption.


Array has developed embedded digital financial and identity protection tools to solve user engagement and revenue challenges for community financial institutions and credit unions of all sizes.


AutoCloud introduces automated infrastructure as code generation capabilities for AWS, Azure, and GCP so they can quickly deliver compliant workloads to cloud systems across large teams within financial organizations that have strict compliance, security, and governance requirements.


Babbl’s news monitoring platform for financial analysts and DIY stock market investors reduces information overload and news fatigue by auto-detecting events, trends, and sentiments about stocks in online news and social media chatter.

Bankable Fintech

Bankable Fintech has developed a “Find and Buy” enterprise software built for financial institutions that provides automation for better sourcing and procurement.


bluCognition is an automated bank statement conversion and intelligence platform that solves the problem of high cost and higher turnaround time in analyzing bank transaction data for financial services companies in commercial or consumer lending.


Cloverly is a technology-based platform for building sustainable services designed for product and sustainability leaders in the financial services, supply chain, and technology industries and addresses the lack of access and information on climate action.


Amplero by Curinos provides personalized marketing experiences for financial services marketers. 

Deception And Truth Analysis

Deception And Truth Analysis’ SaaS for investment decision makers, both public and private, features deception and truth analysis and makes a scientific assessment of companies’ deceptiveness.


Deserve has developed an end-to-end consumer and business credit platform to reduce the cost and complexity of launching and managing a credit card for financial institutions, fintechs, and enterprise businesses.

Silicon Valley-based is the first platform to apply real-time big data and machine learning to create a segment of one digital experience that addresses the unique needs of prospective and new clients.


FinGoal’s user persona tag system provides personalization in financial product offerings for marketing teams at financial institutions and fintechs by utilizing transaction data.

FinTech Insights by Scientia

FinTech Insights for banks, credit unions, and fintechs addresses the lack of digital banking competitor data.


FINTEQ's platform addresses capital constraints and excess borrowing for companies in the entire supply chain.


Finturf’s multi-lender point-of-sale financing platform addresses the lack of financing options and low approval rates for service providers like home improvement contractors and medical providers. 


Flybits OpenDome is a new and exciting way to create and deliver opportunities for personalized customer engagement via the Metaverse within the financial services industry.

Front Financial

Front Financials’ API and embedded platform for fintechs and modern apps provides connectivity to brokerages and wallets with real time read, write and transfer access.


Fundica’s unique, DEI-driven funding search engine drives business client acquisition and retention for financial institutions and ultimately democratizes access to funding.


The award winning Horizn platform helps banks and credit unions globally maximize the impact of digital transformation and accelerates returns on digital investments with both customers and employees.


Hyperswitch's Open Source Payment Orchestration Platform for online merchants addresses high payment processing and operational costs and low payment conversions.


IDMlive by IDMERIT provides a low friction way to verify end users for compliance executives.


Illuma’s voice authentication and fraud prevention solution for mid-size financial institution contact centers addresses the problems of customer friction and security.


Ionate's Application Discovery, Assessment and Modernization solution allows large enterprises to modernize their legacy systems using AI / ML, setting them up for accelerated digital transformation and future readiness.

Kani Payments

Kani Payments reconciliation and reporting platform for fintechs addresses the issue of complex data management. 


The Lucinity Copilot for banks and fintechs provides a comprehensive suite of augmented intelligence solutions that automate tedious and time-consuming tasks, enabling compliance teams to focus on high-value tasks and make informed decisions that combat financial crime.

Merlin Investor

Merlin Investor is a multi-asset educational, strategizing and tracking tool that addresses the lack of a strategic planning and risk diversification mindset for the new generation of retail investors.


ModernTax is a verifier API solution that secures access to proprietary tax and business data for banks and fintechs serving small businesses and individuals.

Pangea Technologies

Pangea Technologies’ FX hedging platform powered by AI addresses FX risk and global currency volatility for companies that have employees, costs, or revenues overseas.’s AI-powered data infrastructure analyzes financial data and manages credit risk by seamlessly integrating numerous data sources for a unified view of the consumer.


PayTic is a SaaS that streamlines the program management functions and reduces the complexity of industry data and mandates for card issuers.


Prelim’s Account Onboarding, powered by analytics & AI, creates a smooth experience for business customers and banks.


QuickFi seeks to dramatically improve the speed, simplicity, and transparency of the business equipment financing process for equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and their business customers.


Savana’s digital delivery platform for banks and credit unions removes operational process silos and disjointed customer experiences.


SAVVI AI’s turnkey, easy to use platform for fintechs, insurance companies and midmarket financial services teams reduces the cost, complexity and regulatory issues around embedding AI into products and workflows by building, deploying and managing AI apps without the need for data scientists, custom infrastructure or even pre-existing data.


SESAMm’s ESG Alerts & Monitoring tool provides coverage, granularity, and point-in-time data for asset management, private equity firms, hedge funds and corporate entities.


Setuply’s Client Onboarding Automation Platform addresses manual or spreadsheet driven customer onboarding for financial technology companies and service providers.

Storied Data

Storied Data’s smart digital documents address the need for easy information access and potential lack of user experience for stakeholders that work with financial documents.


TAZI AI’s patented no-code adaptive machine learning technology helps anyone, with or without coding knowledge, generate business value, continuously. 

The Lazu Group

The Lazu Group’s CULTURL Heritage Calendar alleviates the burden on those celebrating different cultures to constantly translate and explain to others the history and significance of key pillars of their year and was designed for organizations committed to investing in and deploying DEI initiatives. 

Total CollectR

Total CollectR is a virtual collector and debt negotiator designed to collect past-due accounts in a modern world for banks and financial institutions.


upSWOT’s solution helps banks and FIs empower their SMB customers with data-driven embedded finance tools.


Wink’s multifactor biometric payments and identity platform uses advanced face, voice and device recognition together with AI and machine learning, aims to eliminate passwords and card numbers from e-commerce and login for merchants, retailers, and service providers.