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May 21-23, 2024
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What problems do the 2024 demo companies solve?

Anvil - Document SDK

Anvil - Document SDK helps the financial services industry digitize paperwork. Financial services companies utilizing Anvil - Document SDK’s software development tools can create an online, embedded process that feels like their brand with all the security and compliance that comes with being highly regulated.


APIMatic offers the fastest way to take fintech or banking APIs to developers while reducing integration time and support costs. Their partners boost their developer portals with autogenerated SDKs, API playgrounds, idiomatic code samples, and recipes.

Ascent Platform

Ascent is the next-generation Point-of-Sale platform that streamlines financial product applications without disrupting existing systems or processes. Banks and credit unions can now deploy a modern, consistent, and easy-to-use application for virtually every product they offer, that learns more about the customer with each interaction.


Atomic addresses a crucial challenge in the financial services industry by serving as the conduit that empowers both financial institutions and fintech companies to provide integrated experiences, centralizing consumers' financial activities. Their comprehensive suite of solutions facilitates seamless processes such as switching direct deposits, verifying income, employment, and tax information, and managing, updating, or switching payment methods and subscriptions - all conveniently within their banking app.


Legacy banking cores are not performant enough, not flexible enough, and not modern enough to scale in the age of real time payments, BNPL, and AI. With BaaSFlow, users can achieve higher growth and better consumer experiences at a fraction of the cost of a legacy core.


Blee helps organizations move to market quicker while increasing revenue and minimizing compliance risk.

Bloom Credit

Bloom Credit pushes for greater financial inclusion for the 106 million Americans who are thin file, no file, or sub-prime.

Borealis Global Analytics

Borealis Global Analytics is working towards democratizing investment research for portfolio managers focusing on country equity allocation. The goal is to substantially decrease data and research costs, while compressing the time-period from conceptualizing an investment strategy to its execution from months to hours. 

Candour Oy

Candour Oy provides identity verification and rapid authentication based on facial characteristics.

Cardlay Payment Solutions

Cardlay Payment Solutions helps banks handle and service their existing corporate portfolios.


Deeployalty is a platform that digitizes paper receipts and plastic loyalty cards by integrating banking processing on one side and the merchants' CRM on the other.


DYNATREK addresses the segmentation between legacy systems and digital banking that poses challenges for consistent customer analysis and approaches.


Endaoment is solving the complexity and inaccessibility in philanthropy by offering a tech-forward, next-gen approach to donor-advised funds (DAFs). Their platform simplifies the process of opening and managing a DAF, making it fast, easy, and accessible for everyone, thereby democratizing charitable giving for a broader range of donors. addresses the critical need for personalization in digital banking, enabling institutions to offer a highly personalized online experience akin to traditional in-person interactions. Leveraging real-time AI, their platform helps banks attract new members, deepen wallet share, and uncover new revenue opportunities through targeted, individualized user engagements.

FinTech Insights

FinTech Insights addresses the serious lack of accurate and up-to-date information regarding the digital financial competitive landscape that is leading to delays in product releases, unhappy customers, and increased development costs.


It's hard to know which private companies to invest in, lend to, or buy because private market data is disconnected. Foresight solves this problem by using proprietary algorithms to unify vast amounts of disparate data and integrate it into purpose-built software for sourcing, diligence, and portfolio management.


Hapax, crafted with a profound understanding of the banking sector, stands as a testament to the principle that knowledge is the great equalizer. It is not merely a tool but a revolution in how banking is done, designed by bankers, for bankers, embodying the essence of banking in every aspect of its operation. This platform isn't just about processing data; it's about transforming it into actionable insights that make every banker more adept, more insightful, and ultimately, more effective in their role.


Instarails addresses the current problems surrounding the slow, expensive, opaque, and untraceable nature of cross-border payments that are financially excluding the unbanked.


LiquidTrust is a simple and safe global payment solution using a micro-escrow workflow.

Lloyd Tevis Investments

Lloyd Tevis Investments believes passionately in the value of the individual life. Their AI enabled service provides a high-quality, fully personalized investment solution in a convenient, internet delivered format that helps customers fund their life.

Method Financial

Method Financial’s platform helps financial institutions, fintechs, and lending institutions access liabilities held at over 15,000 institutions in the U.S., through real-time data and payment access for consumer liabilities by simply using a consumer’s PII, such as a name and phone number, no authentication required.


Modernbanc's reconciliation software allows finance teams to leverage the power of AI and no-code automation to build complex reconciliation without the need for developers. This allows companies to increase leverage per employee, scale their finance and payments function, and increase profitability, without increasing their total headcount. addresses a critical gap in the financial services industry by providing a holistic approach to financial management that integrates quality of life metrics. It solves the problem of conventional financial tools focusing narrowly on numerical data, often overlooking how financial decisions impact overall well-being. By combining financial insights with wellness considerations, empowers users to make more informed and balanced financial decisions, enhancing both their financial health and overall life satisfaction.

Parlay Protocol

Parlay Protocol aims to improve access to capital for underserved small business owners by offering a borrower experience designed to overcome traditional barriers to inclusion and unlock trapped capacity in communities across the country.


The traditional, antiquated model for processing commercial equipment leases and loans is slow, it's not secure, it's unnecessarily complex, and it's not digital. This stifles business growth, frustrates business borrowers, and prevents banks and equipment manufacturers from meeting new customer expectations. QuickFi allows banks and manufacturers to give their business customers a fully digital, self-service finance experience that's fast, intuitive, and consistent with how modern business borrowers prefer to do business.


People with charged-off debt have depressed credit scores and are pursued by debt collectors with limited payment options, but repaying won't help because credit scores are based on active accounts. Remynt acquires charged-off consumer debt from creditors, providing revenue for these non-performing accounts by offering consumers a credit reaffirmation product. Remynt's novel approach enables consumers to maintain and grow credit access as their debt secures a new credit card to help build credit scores more quickly. 

Safari SOP

The ServePort suite by Safari SOP automates intake, processing, delivery, and cost recovery associated with responding to subpoena, law enforcement, and other document requests.


SAVVI AI helps banks and fintechs build, launch, and manage AI apps in minutes with their patented Practical AI platform - no data scientists, pre-existing data, or custom infrastructure required. They help organizations gain AI-driven efficiencies such as lowering ACH return rates, forecasting charge-offs, predicting loan volume, forecasting deposits, increasing loan offer uptake, and so much more. The platform works in Excel or Google Sheets, or via API to deliver the power of manageable AI in hours.


Growth in wealth management in the next decade is going to come less from market returns and more from productivity: offering more services to more clients. However, the new services that advisors need to offer (personalized advice, financial planning) don't scale like asset management does, and servicing to more clients forces advisors to dramatically reduce the time spent serving clients when focusing on growth. Sherpas helps advisors keep clients informed and engaged, in a way that still feels like a high-touch relationship while reducing the need for 1-1 meetings.


Skyflow is purpose built to help financial services companies isolate, protect and harness their sensitive data (PII, PCI and PHI).

Stock Unlock

Stock Unlock's investment software platform helps retail investors make more informed decisions in the stock market.

Tennis Finance

Tennis Finance automates financial compliance oversight and fixes product issues.

Tradery Labs

Tradery Labs is addressing the challenge of accessibility and complexity in the financial services industry, particularly in the realm of algorithmic trading. The platform solves the problem for retail and professional traders who struggle with the technical and financial barriers of traditional quantitative trading methods. By providing a no-code, AI-driven environment, Tradery Labs makes sophisticated trading strategy development, testing, and execution accessible to a broader audience, thus democratizing advanced financial tools that were previously available only to those with significant programming expertise or financial resources.


Enhanced Breach IQ by TransUnion helps financial institutions create closer and more profitable relationships with their customers by delivering engaging and differentiated solutions that address consumer’s digital identity threats. 


New customers view the account funding experience as most important, but many don’t activate their account due to friction with moving funds to a new account. Trice is looking to change that with their real-time account to account (A2A) transfers, powered by Real-Time Payments (RTP).


Winnow makes compliance and regulatory change management more affordable and accessible for their customers.