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May 23-25, 2023
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What problems do the 2022 demo companies solve?

See products and solutions to grow your business this spring.

Agent IQ

Agent IQ created a personal digital engagement platform with a unique high-touch, high-tech, omni-channel experience, which promotes being more proactive with customers and using AI to automate mundane tasks to address the challenge that community banks and credit unions have in connecting with and keeping their customers when they don't (or can't) come into a branch anymore.


Altro is a no cost credit building app for the unseen and underbanked that uses reporting of alternative data such as rent and subscription payments to target the issues created by the barriers of current credit system.


Arena is CFO services simplified. Now any business can operate as effectively as a large company. Automated and real time views into your business.


Argyle Verify helps HR, operations teams, and the vulnerable population of 1099 workers, such as gig, contract and freelance workers, with the time-consuming, expensive process of employment verification.


Array's Embedded Credit and Identity Tools seek to increase digital engagement and help retail and SMB focused institutions make more relevant offers to their customers.


Axway Open Banking helps Financial Chief Digital Officers and Innovation Officers reach existing and new customers with new services and products through new channels or through third party partners.


Banyan's Global infrastructure of item-level receipt data unlocks the full value and power of item-level receipt data for financial & marketing executives and VCs.

Basis Theory

Basis Theory's lightweight tokenization platform helps developers at companies of all sizes manage the difficulties of securing, using, and managing sensitive data.


Buddy's universal insurance engine uses a single, simple gateway connection for connecting and transacting insurance for platform software companies.        

Cion Digital

Cion Digital's technology platform targets the complexities of creating and processing crypto transactions for financial services companies and businesses.


Coinme has developed an embedded crypto financial services product for fintechs and financial institutions to attract new customers and retain users currently leaving their platforms for crypto wallets and exchanges.


DocFox's omni-channel account opening solution solves business and complex entity onboarding using intelligent automation and highly-customized workflows to empower banks, fintechs and credit unions of any size to effortlessly onboard business accounts.


ebankIT has developed an Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform that accelerates the digital transformation of financial institutions for the benefit of both banking institutions and customers.

Engage People

Engage People's Access Pay improves engagement and enables and facilitates access to $200B (NA) in available currency for banks/FIs, payment processors, and retailers using pay with points integrated into the checkout of ecommerce retailers.

Ever Green 3C

Ever Green 3C is a curated financial wellness platform that helps credit union marketing and community outreach teams curb the amount of time and human resources it takes for them to create quality, engaging financial literacy content.


FinGoal's Aggregator Switch Kit frees fintech and financial institutions' engineering and product teams from being trapped with their current aggregation provider through easy-to-implement translation layer, allowing for an aggregator provider switch in two weeks not three months.

Finicity, a Mastercard company

Finicity has developed a Payment Indicator to reduce risk in ACH payments and optimize cost and speed in processing. Now fintechs, merchants and consumers can better avoid NSF fees and interruption of services while making the payment experience safer and smarter for everyone in the ecosystem.


Finzly developed a platform that comes with out-of-the-box banking infrastructure to resolve time-consuming and cumbersome launches for banks and fintechs.        

FlowPoint Technologies

FlowPoint is a cloud-based platform that helps reduce the time, cost, and complexity of building a single source of truth purpose-built for debt lending, venture investment and wealth management which streamlines workflows around client data ingestion, deal origination and on-going reporting, covenant and borrowing base tracking and more.


Fundica’s unique, DEI-driven funding search engine drives business client acquisition and retention for financial institutions and ultimately democratizes access to funding.

Global PayEx

Global PayEx's cloud-native, data-driven, SaaS platform provides a solution for Working Capital Optimization challenges for mid to large corporations.


Goalry's immersive platform converges personal finance with shopping to solve disconnected landscape inefficiencies that lead to uninformed decisions at the point of sale for consumers.


HAWK:AI's transaction and customer surveillance platform helps financial institutions solve AML/CFT/BSA and fraud challenges.


Highnote has developed a modern card issuer-processing platform that seeks to handle the complexity of launching and managing a card program for small and medium enterprises.


The award winning Horizn platform helps banks and credit unions globally maximize the impact of digital transformation and accelerates returns on digital investments with both customers and employees.


Identomat's end-to-end ID verification and KYC platform targets regulatory compliance, identity fraud prevention, and passwordless authentication using AI-powered remote biometric identity verification and ID capture system for traditional and decentralized financial organizations.


Illuma's voice authentication microservice solves the problem of authentication in interactive voice response (IVR) systems with a zero friction voice biometric approach for financial institution call centers.


Incognia developed a Zero Factor Authentication solution for mobile focusing on the high friction of current security and fraud detection solutions for account takeover protection with privacy-first location identity based on location behavior and device intelligence for fintechs and financial institutions.


JUDI.AI's small business lending solution helps community banks and credit unions with constraints around SMB loan growth, manual SMB loan underwriting processes and a sub-optimal SMB lending experience.

Keep Financial Technologies

Keep Financial Technologies has built an innovative new form of compensation called a vesting bonus to help attract and retain critical talent during the great resignation for enterprise and mid-enterprise employers.


Kognitos' natural language automation platform helps everyone, not just developers who can code, democratize automation.


KuantSol's Enterprise SaaS Platform provides end to end risk modeling and regulatory compliance for insurance and financial services companies.


LemonadeLXP's digital growth platform improves the digital customer experience at financial institutions and fintechs.


Lendisoft is an end-to-end loan servicing platform, with integrated risk management, machine-learning and AI automation for lenders seeking to expand the services offered to the underserved and those that have fallen into a credit risk category by solving the problem of qualifying consumers, managing loan portfolios, assessing business RISK and complying to CFPB regulations.


Lokyata's BankAnalyze assists with credit decisioning for consumer lenders.

Mall IQ

Mall IQ’s real-time purchase-intent based mobile engagement and AI solution improves wallet share, activation, frequency and retention KPIs for banks, payment platforms, B2C fintechs and BNPL.


Neuro-ID created a behavioral data and analysis platform to uncover the intent and experience of each customer that visits a website for CRO, CXO, CPO, CMO executives.


OpenAlt developed its due diligence, custody and transactional platform for private market investments to build the bridge between financial advisors and ever-growing private investment market professional investors: financial advisors, family offices, independent broker-dealers.


Palturai Businessgraph uses state-of-the-art knowledge graph technology to solve the risk associated with lack of transparency in how people and companies are connected globally for banks, insurance companies, and fintechs.        


Pendo's SaaS platform helps banks and asset managers engage users to achieve specific business outcomes as they leverage accurate, real time data to make product and application decisions.


Polymesh has designed an institutional-grade permissioned blockchain purpose-build for security tokens that addresses the challenges around governance, identity, compliance, confidentiality, and settlement for regulated assets and the securities industry.


Prelim's no-code digital banking platform increases customer and user engagement for all banks.      

QuickFi by Innovation Finance

QuickFi by Innovation Finance offers a 100% digital, self-service business equipment financing platform and eliminates the delays and costs embedded in the existing, 50 year old equipment financing process for creditworthy small business borrowers.


Rillavoice builds speech analytics software for companies who sell and distribute their products face to face.


The Skyflow Fintech Data Privacy Vault uses a simple and elegant API for security, compliance and governance for financial services companies.

Solve Finance

Solve Finance is a dept optimizer using institutional expertise, data, and AI to target the inequity in borrowing outcomes for the many Americans with household debt.        


Spave's financial wholeness solution addresses the challenges and barriers to giving and saving through AI and machine learning to identify opportunities in spending to effortlessly allow younger generations to give and save.        


ToroAlerts uses ML & AI with predictive analytics to send technical-based buy/sell alerts in order to achieve above market returns for investors.


Tuo's brand new Credit Builder targets credit access issues for thin-file Americans and immigrants.


txtsmarter's award-winning, intelligent e-comms compliance surveillance service helps businesses in highly regulated industries prevent e-comms data loss, brand & reputation loss, and enable real-time e-comms compliance.


unitQ's Monitor AI-enabled product quality platform monitors customer feedback and identifies issues when it detects a sudden spike in reports from customers utilizing Fintech apps.

Very Good Security

Very Good Security Payment Optimization was designed to aid businesses in any payment ecosystem seeking to optimize their payments across multiple gateways, payment service providers (PSPs), and 3rd party APIs from a single platform.